White Noise?

Laura, Tracy and I went to see White Noise on Friday night. It was OK. While there were some pretty creepy moments, I thought the movie relied on "gotcha" moments too much. Michael Keaton is back, an actor I've enjoyed watching, though he bugs me a bit. I wonder what he's really like, y'know? Along with Bruce Willis and Tom Cruise, Keaton stuck me as a sort of real life Steve Dallas...though not as pathetic, more in the aging 80's frat guy trying too hard to be cool sort of way.
Earlier that day , Laura and I ran all over town running errands and shopping for her dinner party on Saturday night. We went to check on my motorcycle. The repair place was trying to tell me they needed to open my engine up (to the tune of $600+) to see if I had carbon build up on my rear cylinder. Something sounded fishy to me, so I told them I'd get back to 'em. I remembered a product called Sea Foam took care of carbon buildup and few other things and wondered why they didn't mention it. So I decided I'd be bringing the bike home. On the way back Laura wanted to stop at Bent Bike, a motorcycle shop in Edmonds. She saw a used Kawasaki 500 and fell in love with it. It had only 2000 miles on it, saddlebags and a windshield and the only defect I could see was a dent on the left side of the tank. She decided to sleep on it, but we wandered around and tried on helmets and boots. Laura got me a pair of ride bells to scare off "road gremlins."
On Saturday morning, I rolled out of bed and went to the grocery store for items that Laura forgot to get the day before. Then I went to band practice.
We'd invited 12 over for dinner and were having a roast with fresh herbs and mushrooms, green beans with proscuitto, roasted red pepper and onions, salad, risotto with spinach and asagio cheese. We also had creamy horseradish, salmon pate and crackers and lots of wine.
For dessert the was orange chocolate cookies that Tabitha made and chocolate cake with raspberry sauce. I was also mixing vodka and POG juice. Everything came out wonderfully and it was really nice to have everyone over, kind of like a mini-Orphan's Thanksgiving.
Sunday was cleanup and football...then work.
Monday night, Laura decided that she wanted the motorcycle, so we went out to get it and I rode it home. It felt like riding a kid's bike, but it did quite well in traffic. She rode it around a parking lot a few times without much trouble, so I assume she'll do just fine when she takes the Motorcycle Safety course in February.
We got my bike yesterday. It felt a little weird at first, but then I really started to relax and enjoy myself on the ride home. Bettie looks great! I'm considering a trade up to a 1500, but I'd have to see if I can afford it first.
There's been a round of sick folks in the office and I think it's finally gotten me. I have a sore throat and I'm totally run down. I hope I can recover, I've got a lot to do this weekend...


Anonymous said...

find me a bike.
i have my endorsement already.


fat_girl said...

dude..... that's Ms.Mich (Sciumbato)