It's finally happened. I got a new job today!

I was seriously dreading another summer working nights. Like everything in life, there is a tradeoff. I thought there'd be a chance to move to a better shift, but that didn't happen. As it stands, there aren't many opportunities for advancement in that department and working graveyard can be a isolating experience, both socially and professionally. Also, 3rd shifters in general experience a increase in various health risks. For quite a while I've felt like a zombie, just going through the motions and after 30 months. I've had enough.
I got an email from Gary last Saturday. He used to be Director of Production back in my PDI days. He was the one who got the company on track with color management (profiling your scanners, monitors and printers so you get WYSIWYG on print jobs) and got the scanning department moved in-house. He left a few years later, to start his own company.
Gary has always encouraged me in my "career". I didn't know anything at all about prepress at all when I started at PhotoDisc and it was he, Curtis, Richelle, Matt and Peter who were responsible for creating an atmosphere where we could have fun, learn and get paid.
Anyway, Gary told me that he had a job for me, so I went down to his offices on Tuesday and had a look around. It's a small company, only four employees, five, including myself. They do digital services for museums and visual professionals, scanning, color correction, etc. I'll be reunited with Johnny 2X, who's been working for Gary since 2001. The offer came in today and natcherally, I accepted!
The ol' learning curve will be steep, but I think I can handle it. This is a fairly small industry, it doesn't pay to slack off -- everyone knows each other! I'm going to get my eyes checked on sometime in the next week. I wanna be in good shape for this.
I sent my boss an email giving my two weeks notice today, she was cool about it. I'm going to miss the Night Monkeys and the few people outside my department that I know. But now my life will be become fuller as I will be able to go to shows, see friends and do a lot of things I haven't been able to in a long time.

Ad Astra Per Ardua!!


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