Good Gahdjahall!!

Good Gahdjahall!!

The trip to Bremerton was fun. It wasn't until I got off the boat that I realized that I hadn't been to Chad's house in several months. I found my way there with only one wrong turn, however.
He and I shot the shit while we waited for Dave. Then the three of us went downstairs and made some rather un-artful noise until we got bored. Then we ordered pizza and watched Bill Hicks.
I caught the 11:40 boat home. There was something thrilling about being surrounded by all that black water with the lights of Downtown Seattle, Bainbridge, West Seattle and the South Sound off in the distance. The ride home from the ferry was brief and cold and I zonked out hardcore.
Saturday was band practice. We got a gig on Thursday and we hadn't played together in a couple of weeks, but it was all good, through my distortion pedal is acting up. I hope replacing the battery is all I have to do.
After coming home and eating, Laura and I went down to the Rendezvous for Sean's 30th birthday party, Liz, Chrissy (Jason) and Patty were there as well as J-Lo, Gary, Chad and his new girlfriend and a couple other guys I'd met through Chad. We hung for about an hour or so, until Sean blew out the candles on his cake. Patty, Liz and Chrissy were headed off to either Kell's or the Pink Door. We told them we'd try to catch up with them later.
Laura and I went to Arthur and Julie's 'cause they was having a party. I didn't really know anyone other than the hosts, the rest of SushiRobo, Rob and Annie and Bradley Hanson and his lovely wife Meg (they took a lot of the photos on the Fey Ray site). We didn't stay long. From there we went back downtown to see if we could meet up with the Westsiiders, but they weren't at either place. I found out later they were down the street at Il Bistro.
So, Laura and I tried to hunt down Carla at O'Shea's in Wallingford (it was her birthday), but after driving around the block three times looking for parking, I was like: "Fuck it, let's go home."
We'd watched "The Grudge" earlier in the day (and I must say, I liked it better than Ju-On) and Laura was still a bit too freaked out to go to bed yet (she screamed like a little girl at some parts!) So I put on the extended version of Return of the King. She made it through one scotch and the first hour. I didn't go to bed until after 5 AM...Oy vey.
Sunday was spent goofing off and dreading the return to work...but for some reason, last night went by blisteringly fast. So, it's already late afternoon, I should really go to bed, but I want a sandwich and David Lee Roth is wailing "I'm on Fi-yaaaahhhh!" over and over in my head.

Maybe some straight vodka will help.

Stu says bowling on Friday. I says The Ruby Doe on Saturday.

You in?


Anonymous said...

I'm down... can't wait!

Oani said...

hmm - bowling what time on Friday? I might be down for that as something low key before going out to party on Sat :)