It's Friday!

It's Friday!

This week seemed to fly by and now there is only the weekend, and five more days until I move on to the next phase of my workin' career. Molly, Rick & Renee have all been teasing me, calling me a "traitor" for leaving and telling me that anything that goes wrong in the lab is now my fault. I just laugh and pretend I'm starting to forget their names already. It's hard not to smile...spring is coming, I bought a grip of new music and suddenly, unexpectedly, I'm happier than I expected to be! I'll be sure to check with you again in a couple of weeks as I try to adjust to the new schedule, workload and routine all at once! But I think I can hang.
I'm not sure what's going on this weekend. I'm probably gonna stick close to home and try to finish Wolves of the Calla. I'm itching to tackle The Odyssey and then I'll try and knock off some other stuff I've got lying around. It's supposed to get up to 60F tomorrow, perhaps after band practice, I'll ride down to Frito's and bug him for a bit! I've been helping Laura get used to her bike and she's making some decent progresss. She takes the Motorcycle Safety course at the end of next month.

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fat_girl said...

I am not blaming stuff on you and I think a lot of the teasing is coming from your end. Like, "oh darn it. I don't have to do all the training." Of course I'm gonna tell you to shut up after that.

I am genuinely happy, sad and jealous about you leaving. but I'll get over it. thbbbbbbt!