I'm trying to write a longer post, but it's cold here in the basement and I'm really sleepy.
Couple of items...which m. made a comment? Maria? Megan, Myshel, Matt, Marney, Mitch, Michelle?
MTV's The Real World used one of Fey Ray's tunes!
If you get a chance, ask Chad about his Queef haikus. He just about killed me the other day!
Matt's really sick, so I'm not sure we're playing Neumo's tomorrow. I'll send an email if we cancel.


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Brian said...

Wow! The Big Time! How's it feel? I heard about this on Daphne's LJ, and she mentioned something about the label maybe wanting to release another record now . . . Not sure what the sales were like on "New & Perfect," but at that level, I'm not sure what one would expect.

Anyway, congrats!!