It's been awhile since I last posted...
Life seems to have accelerated a bit, but only in fits and starts. To recap: Work is very busy. Xtina is in town from Alaska. Laura's cousin is coming to visit on Wednesday. Frito is at SXSW, Chad is riding his new BMW motorcycle up the coast. Yesterday was Robert F.'s and Cinnamon's birthday. I hung out the my swim buddy Jay tonight. Adumb has joined Fey Ray on drums and backing vox so Seth is moving to guitar. Matt and Leslie celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary. Oani, Tim and Johnny 2X have birthday's coming up this week. I bought an mp3 player. I took my Ampeg amp into Trading Musician to see what I could get for it. It wasn't working properly. Turned out it's not a B-15 (the classic bass amp used by on all those old Motown recordings) but actually a B-18 (twice the power!) in a B-15 cabinet. Repairs were under $100 bucks. With a JBL D-130F I am told it wil be quite the awesome performing amp. I got new contact lens. Pissed off about ANWAR. Happy about Low coming to town...

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michelle said...

cinnamon stevens? the lawyer?
i have a friend named Anwar. how cool?