I'm Gonna Win...

I'm Gonna Win...

...In Sin Cit-tay!
Guess what movie I saw tonight? Yeah, after much procrastinatin' and blowing it off. Stu, Sarah, Rachel, Scott, Cindy and I went down to the Cinerama for the early showing of Frank Miller's Sin City.
The movie's stark imagery and noir setups are faithful to the graphic novels, which I enjoyed very much. I've read some reviews that touch on morality and gender issues (or lack thereof) but since those eggheads tend to be on some sort of mission to bleed all the fun out of everything, 'can't we have an entertaining movie with guns, explosions and boobies innit and leave it at that?!
I did note that Clive Owen's American accent makes him sound like a dork, which immediately got Rachel and Sarah on my case. Go figure.

On a totally unrelated note:

Back in the day (circa 1990 or so) I used to accompany my friend Jeff to the Vogue (back when it was on 1st Ave.) on Thursday nights. Our ritual was to show up early, get our hands stamped, then go down the street to the old Frontier Room, catch a buzz, then go back to Vogue. Jeff would spend the night (and most of his money) buying drinks for girls and musician friends, while I would park under the huge video screen and dance for 2-3 hours straight. I hardly talked to anyone, except the few regulars I'd see every week. Then I'd take a bus back to Magnolia or (after I moved to First Hill) walk home (through Freeway Park!)
Anyway, we were listening to Bauhaus today and I wondered if the video (which they used to play at the Vogue back then) was hosted somewhere...and it is!
Check it out...it's so crude it's sort of laughable and "oh so goth!", but it's some the stuff on which I was raised. Now if I could find some old Tuxedomoon and Mink DeVille...sigh.

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Anonymous said...

Hey !!

Send me your phone # you big silly!!
I cant call you back without it!

Can't do tonight as I have a batchelorette party to go to - but I do need to get together with you soon.