It's April Already...

It's April Already...

I guess I can't complain...not when I advocate skipping the first two months of the year, anyway. Someday I'll take long vacations in January and February, perferably someplace warm and sunny!
Anyway, there's so much going on right now, I can barely think of it all!
I worked on Saturday, then caught the Sun Tzu crew at the Baltic Room. They're playing at Nectar on Saturday the 9th, if you feel like dancing. Frito and I will be at Neumo's catching the mighty Clem Snide, however.
On Sunday, Laura passed her MSF course with flying colors! I took her out to one the serveral neighborhood sushi joints to celebrate. I'll have at least one riding partner this summer, hopefully more, if Chad isn't too cool to be seen with us on his new BMW touring bike!
I think I mentioned that Adam has joined Fey Ray! The first practice was a tad chaotic, as we were getting used to the new configuration. But the second practice was something else entirely!
We have a gig coming up on April 28th at the aforementioned Neumo's. We've got a couple of new songs and everything is quickly falling into place! I can't wait to run around on that big stage!
I missed Stu's gig with the Seattle School crew on the weekend -- sorry dude!

R.I.P. to

Mitch Hedberg
Bass Wolf
Terry Schivo
John Paul II
Johnnie Cochran
Saul Bellow

Get well soon to:

Neil Young

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