I've Been Told...

I've Been Told...

That I should update. OK. Nothing really going on. Last weekend, I saw DJ Mark Farina at Chop Suey (Thanks Aaron!) and then I went over to Bremerton for an early surprise birthday party for Jay and Jason.
My computer is down, we switched over to Lingo and Laura decided she wanted to move the routers upstairs and network everything WiFi-like. Easier said than done. The minute I cracked the case on my box and installed the card, my motherboard decided it didn't like the card AND my CD-R drive anymore. So I'm effectively shut down for awhile.
I love the weather around here. Last week was chilly and blah and then suddenly it's friggin' hot!!
I've been riding my bike to work mostly because it's cooler than the bus.
I have the house to myself, Laura's in SD visiting her cousin Reeva.
Tonight is Jay's "official" birthday party down at The Bush Garden and tomorrow I'm going to help Tess and Aaron move into their new place. I think a bunch of the Westsiide Posse is going for a motorcycle ride Sunday...I'll probably join them.
Chad proposed to his girlfriend (and my coworker) Ylana a couple of days ago and I wish 'em the best.
Anyway, that's it for now. Back to werk!

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fat_girl said...

How are your stalkers... I mean admirers supposed to keep tabs on you if you don't update.