The week passed by so quickly! Now that my "side" has gotten caught up at work, I'm not stressed out. I was the last to leave on the scanning side Friday. As I was grabbing my stuff, Michelle (she's ossem, kinda like Frank Anderson and Tommy Cook's "Wheel and Turn" personified (but covered by Henry Mancini)) came over and asked told me that they'd discovered a problem with a profile and that they were going to have to spend all weekend reproofing some jobs they were working on.
I felt bad for her, but I was also glad it had nothing to do with with our scanning, plus I'd just gotten paid and a weekend full of possibilities lay ahead of me and I had been listening to Mariachi music. In other words, I was pretty giddy.
"Wow," I said, unable to surpress a chuckle. "That sucks."
"No wait - let me try it again. Uh...I feel really bad for you." I was laughing now.
Michelle bristled.
"Y'know, I used to like you."

On Monday, my former Corbis coworker Carl will be joining us. He's a cool guy and will do quite well, I think. I'm going to Georgetown for a little fare-well party for him, then I'm going to catch the SunTzu boys at Nectar!

BTW-My brother Jason graduated from college today with a degree in Criminal Justice. He's been with parents since he was 17, so he's pretty much done this all on his own. Congrats, brah! I'm prouda you!

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