It's Been A Cracka!

It's Been A Cracka!

It's been pretty busy. Two-day bachelor parties, Batman movies, BBQ's (or not), bands from outta town, T-shirts by Frito, new tunes, old tunes, gay Jewish potters, parades, fights, people getting shot (a friend of a friend), poker, old people, new people, motorcycles, dates, books, etc.

I'm tired...but it's cool.

Canya believe it's almost July?

Happy birthday to Tab, Sean, Yoishi, Jason J., Holly, Ali, Moicy, Frito, Heidi, Patty, RaGina, Jake, George and Jen...(I gotta a lot of Cancer friends).

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fat_girl said...

Aaron's went home on Mon. well his parent's house till the staples get removed.

Robert took me to the ER Sunday night. I was got out a couple hours ago so I am at home. really bad kidney infection.