It was an eventful week...sorta. I had dinner with Moicy on Tuesday, dinner with Angela on Thursday and on Friday went to the Central Cinema with Tess, Stu, Rachel, The Prof and The Wife. We ordered drinks and dinner (dessert in my case -- Walnut Cake & coffee) and watched Iron Monkey.
I got early on Saturday and rolled out to Seattle Cycle Center and got some new Metzler 880 tires and new front brake pads put on. I've put over 12K on the original Bridgestone tires (which everyone on the Drifter forums seems to hate) and it was time to get rid of them. One blowout at freeway speed can ruin your whole day!
I got home, mowed the lawn and washed my bike, then went for ride. I was looking for the Cretins Motorcyle Club's clubhouse, because they were doing the annual Mod's & Rockers ride on Sunday and they were being pretty stingy about the details.
No one was there when I arrived, so I rode around Georgetown for awhile and came home. Later, I went to The Elysian for my former coworker Michelle's going away party. She's moving to Chicago to study art. Renee, Carl, Sexy Matt, Molly, Jae Jin and Rick were all there, so we all got caught up. I miss Renee...she's such a sweetie!
I was up around 11 on Sunday. I figured that I'd ride out to the Cretin's Clubhouse and see if anyone was there. There wasn't, so I figured I ride around for awhile, I have to break in the new tires anyway. I rode around Georgetown, South Park and West Seattle for awhile then looped back to the clubhouse. As I got close, I saw a group of motorcycles and scooters waiting for a train to pass. I pulled up and asked one of the guys if they were headed to the Cretin's ride. He told me they were and we chatted about our rides while waiting for the train.
The clubhouse was buzzing with activity when we finally got there. There were tons of cool cafe style and streetfighter bikes, mopeds, Vespas and Lambrettas and a few customs. I talked to a Cretin named Matt who has a really cool Rat Chopper that he put together himself -- for $900.
Around 1, we all mounted up and headed out. There's nothing like the roar of 50-60 bikes, the smell of exhaust and thrill of riding in a huge pack. We blasted down E. Marginal Way, then up into West Seattle and down to Alki Beach. Dante joined us about half way on his Vespa. We wound up at the Alki Tavern and then there were had a beers and voted for various categories: Best Motorcycle, Best Moped, Best Scooter, Best Dressed Rocker and Best Dressed Mod. Robert and Jamin came down. We walked around looking at all the bikes and I got to check out the motorcycle Robert has spent the last few months putting together.
Then I headed home. I was really hungry...


fat_girl said...

awwww...I miss you too!

Anonymous said...

you need to write more about michelle.