Happy Fourth!

Happy Fourth!

I split from work a tad early Friday and grabbed the roommate and met Stu and Rachel for a showing of "War of the Worlds." I'm pretty sure you know the story already, right? It's very much a Spielberg movie - so if you can deal with the layer of cheese he tends to slather on everything - you'd probably like it, despite several things that annoyed the hell out of me. See a matinee and we'll talk about it.

Scott and I went to Scooter Insanity! on Saturday. I didn't go last year and I actually took Betty unstead of Pearl, but we had a really good time. Everyone was super nice, there were lots of cool scoots and the ride was fantastic. Flying along the highway in a cloud of scooter exhaust and two-stroke thunder in your ears is pretty much my idea of heaven. We rode through Rainier Valley and out past Renton then back through Tukwila and into Georgetown. There was a block party with bands and food and the traditional "show and shine." Gahd, I love Georgetown. I swear, I'm gonna move there, rock Carhart jackets, cuff my jeans and buy an old-school BSA motorcycle!
Frito had a blast too. After the ride, he said: "I think that was the start of a new tradition!"

I rolled out of bed early on Sunday and attempted to make the 11:25AM ferry to Bremerton. Sadly, a lot of other people had the same idea. So I took the Bainbridge ferry instead and wound up getting to Jason's about an hour later than I was supposed to. The day was absolutely brilliant and Jason hopped on his super nice Yamaha sport-tourer and we went to pick up Carey who was riding a Kawasaki Super Sherpa and we set out to ride the Tahuya loop. I put about 160 miles on my bike both days and it was fun, fun, fun.

Today, we're having a little BBQ at the house. I'd normally go over to Bremerton, but I feel like sticking close to home this year. I don't even want to cross the bridge for Tabitha's party.
We should be able to see the Lake Union display from our yard. If that doesn't work out, we can always walk down to Gas Works Park.

Have a happy and safe Fourth!

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