If Bubble Tea Is Wrong...

If Bubble Tea Is Wrong...

I went over to Mercy's on Friday for her birthday party on Friday. It had been threatening rain all day long only to clear up nicely in the afternoon. I was supposed to bring something Japanese, so I stopped at Uwajimaya and bought almost 20 bucks worth of candy, cookies and crackers.
As I was parking at the store and old timer started asking me questions about my bike and we chatted for 10 minutes or so.
It was a cool evening and the sun was setting as I rode over the Wes' Seattle bridge and, per usual, the roar of the engine and feel of the wind on my face put me in a good mood. The weather played a bit part in the tone of Moiks' party too. Everyone was inside the house and there were a lot of cute girls there. I rolled in, greeted the birthday girl and poured myself a rather stiff vodka drink. Laurie B. showed up right after I did and it was good to catch up with her. Then Gina, a woman I met through Sensi Pete, over ten years ago came in and surprised the heck out of me. (Dunno why - this is a pretty small town, after all.)
Everyone must've been pretty tipsy already, 'cause there was a vibe in the air. I mostly stuck to the kitchen and talked to the few of Mercy's friends that I knew. The rest were in the living room playing "Yakuza" (AKA Mafia). I went to Mercy's study and somehow got talked into singing Leo Sayer's "More Than I Can Say," which wasn't in a key I could sing in but you know how it is when you've had some booze. I did manage to avoid the cream cheese and stawberry sushi they were rolling in the kitchen later on -- Yick!
Mercy was pleased that I was having a good time, I usually do, but since I don't know her friends that well and I'm not much of a schmoozer, she thinks I'm being aloof -- when I'm just enjoying watching people. The ride home was awesome, speeding along the viaduct at midnight.

The next day I got up and started cleaning up my scooter, which has been sitting at Scott's since I moved out in November. Laura took me over to Scott's after work on Friday and we loaded in her SUV and brought "Pearl" home. I knocked off all the spider webs and cleaned some of the grease and road dirt off the engine. I'll be getting a battery, and putting a new spark plug, oil and gas and seeing if I can get her started. I've been getting several inquires from people wanting to buy, but I'm not exactly sure if I wanna sell her (yet). I'd certainly trade her for a motorcycle, but chances are I'm gonna fix her up and make some sort of decision after Oktoberscoot.
I went over to Frito's in the late afternoon for his and Jake's annual Birthday BBQ. It was a pretty nice day and all of us chilled in the backyard, eating pull-pork sammiches and brisket and coleslaw and other goodies folks brought. Laura showed up...and I introduced Adam to the genius that was Mitch Hedburg.

I had plans to go to Worldwide @ Nectar later that evening (it was J-Justice's birthday too) but I had one too many clove cigarettes and thought I was gonna hurl, so I went home and crashed at 9PM. I slept until 3AM and finished reading M. John Harrison's "Light."
I went down to the Fremont Sunday market and bought 3 bars of homemade soap for 10 bucks, then met a friend. We were drinking coffee and trying to talk but kept getting interrupted by people asking to pet her Great Dane named Tasche, who I must admit is an incredibly handsome creature!
Work was non eventful, though I got to scan some really cool prints from Japanese Ghost Stories and I came home and called my friend Juli, 'cause I thought I'd seen her sister in law on the elevator at work. We were catching up when Laura came into the kitchen and told me she was going out for Filipino food and Bubble Tea:

"Uh...Juli? I gotta go."
"My roommate just told me that she's going out for Filipino food and Bubble Tea. I LOVE Bubble Tea!!"
"Waitaminute. I talk to you like 3 times a year and you're getting off the phone for Bubble Tea?!"

So this morning I get to work and see I've gotten an email from Juli:

> How was your bubble tea? You don't love me.
My reply:
I do love you!

But if bubble tea is wrong...I don't wanna be right.



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from Frito:

You know "Tasche" in german means bag.