Picnic at Madison Beach

I dunno why, but the sight of El Stu in short pants is somewhat disturbing to me.
He used to be such the hipster! Ah, I guess he's still pretty hip, even tho' he's pushin' 40.
A bunch of us went to Madison beach today to grill some meat, quaff some beverages and enjoy the perfect weather.
We even played some croquet!
I won the first game. I went last and took my time going though the wickets. Three people were poison by the time I got to the other end of the field and Megan took out everyone but me.
When she came after me, I hid around the wickets and she eventually hit one -- I won!!
I took a lot of pictures, which I'll probably get around to posting somewhere.
Now I'm off to the Torchlight Parade!

Rachel and Sarah...cute, huh?


moicy said...

So nice to see you posting more frequently again. Suupah pickchahs!

jason said...

sarah's cute! too bad i wasn't single earlier...