Yoiks! And Away!!

Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Stu sent an email to me, Rachel and Sarah today:

You know it's your duty to see the new Star Wars. You've waited long enough. George Lucas says you must see it. You aren't part of our culture unless you do. In fact you are a traitor. It's playing at the Cinerama at 8:30 tonight. Wanna go? Plus all of you are having a birthday in the next couple weeks.

So we met up at a Chinese Restaurant for dinner, then went to the movie. I think I've said before that I was somewhat immune to the Star Wars thing when I was a laddie. I liked the first two movies but I was in 11th grade when Return of the Jedi came out and by then I was kind of turned off by the fact that the SW franchise had become "kiddie movies."
Yeah, yeah. I know the idea behind the whole thing was to sort of recreate the feel of old Saturday afternoon serials, yadda, yadda -- which would be fine if these movies hadn't grown into such an EVENT. Like Stu said, watching the new yin was a duty. I found Episode III to be the cultural equivelent of a root canal -- necessary and quite unpleasant.
I was amazed at how souless and cold the whole thing was. No one seems to actually fear for their lives. Nothing made me feel a sense of awe or wonder. I didn't care about any of the characters, although I did like the way they fleshed out Yoda (ironic, ain't it?). There were plot holes big enough to drive a truck though. I felt some of the fight scenes were way too long.
I don't think I'm jaded.
I loved "Iron Monkey," "Crouching Tiger" and even "Independence Day" but even though I watched this movie on a big-ass screen, I very might as well been at home.
At least this time I didn't fall asleep!

Happy Birthday Sarah!!

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