The 40 Year Old Virgin

The 40 Year Old Virgin

Saw this movie tonight and it was freakin' wonderful. The perfect "guys movie" without a single explosion in sight!
Too often men get the short shrift on the dating scene and most movies paint all guys as being hopeless buffoons or sex-crazed predators. And we put up with crazies and individuals with poor social skills just like women do, but most of us view it as part of the "deal," since men are (until fairly recently) socialized to be the initiators of relationships.
This movie is really different, Andy (our virgin) is a really nice guy (or geek, I should say) who after a few bad dates decided he'd rather avoid all the frustration and disappointment of dating and put his energy into well, geek stuff...video games, collecting action figures & playing online poker. He seems happy with his solitary life, until a night out with some guys from work causes him to spill the beans about his (for lack of a better term) problem.
The movie deals with Andy's buddies trying to get him laid, but more than that, it's about the awkwardness and fear of interacting with "the other". Some guys try to hide behind a mask of machismo. Others wallow in a cynacism, some try bolster their courage behind new age homilies...but no one really has an answer...or do they?
Anyway, this movie manages to keep things light AND be funny as hell. I've often maintained that "dating" is an absurd proposition even in the best of circumstances. And I know a lot of guys (though most of 'em aren't virgins) that Andy reminds me of -- myself included. This is the first time I've cared for a character onscreen in ages and even though there's a lot to make you squirm, it's Andy's humanity and kindness always show through. This flick was brilliantly done and I can't wait to own it on DVD.

Oy...I just wrote a movie review, huh?

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lorena said...

holy shite, I loved this movie, laughed my ass off the whole time. never intended to go and see it but I was outnumbered in a group of men who wanted to see it. sometimes it just pays off to go with the flow.