Death By Tapioca

Death By Tapioca

The bubble tea habit is getting serious. I'd go every day if I could but I have this fear of OD'ing. What will they tell my mother? Instead, I try to stave off the craving with lesser drinkage. Slurpees are the Methdone for my habit, but SO less satisfying.
This morning, I had a mocha at Tully's. A green tea Frappahooty at Starbuck's when I left work and then this evening...bubble tea.
I came home, filled the Bettie Maru with coolant and gave her a wash. I decided that I wanted to clean up the mounts for my windshield, which were all rusty and maybe lower the handlebars a bit -- it's after 7 and I'm not sure if I can locate Rustoleum and a big Allen wrench at this hour, but what the hey, right? I ask The Laura if she needs anything.

"If I buy, will you get me a bubble tea?"


Laura being Laura, this will mean a lot of modifications...you know, like Meg Ryan's character in "When Harry Met Sally," so I make her write them down. Turns out she'd been to the Pochi Tea Station (our dealer) THREE TIMES yesterday. I can't talk though, I now buy two at a time when I go -- and I was there yesterday too.

"Don't forget to have them stamp my card!" She calls after me.

The ride over was pleasant. Traffic was light. There were clouds were rolling in from the east, capping off a rather mild day. Both of the hardware stores on 45th are closed. Rite Aid didn't have paint (but they carry motor oil and showerheads...so it didn't hurt to ask) so I headed to the dealers.
I started humming "I'm Waiting For My Man" while they were making up the order. Fortunately, none of the guys tonight was working when I came in yesterday, so I can make fun of Laura's habit. Apparently, one of them saw her twice, but didn't know she'd been in a third time. It's a Korean joint and they usually have really cheesy K-pop videos playing. Which causes me to marvel, as a lot (most) of that stuff sounds like modern R&B to me.
I picked up some terror-yakki next door and ride home. Even though I usually have a really short windscreen on my bike, without it, the roar of the wind is quite loud at speeds over 30mph. I got home, handed Laura her Avacado with chocolate syrup and jelly and a lychee and taro with boba (I note that she stuck one of them in the refrigerator -- bet it ain't there now!), and took my banana split with boba and 'yaki downstairs.

Maybe I was influenced by the K-pop videos, but after I sucked and chewed on my tasty, semi-frozen and creamy treat, I spent the rest of the evening watching a really bad Korean gangster show (with subtitles) called "Family" on the AZN channel.

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