It's Official...

It's Official...As of 1:15PM

I came home to a surprise party for me and Rachel last night. Rachel told me that she was missing her friends from Portland, so Stu arranged for some of them to come up. Laura and Stu masterminded whole thing. From what I hear, it had been in the works for months!! Why is my heart (and wallet) always smaller than I wish it was? 'Cause what I got Laura back in April wasn't nearly as nice.

Neil hooked me up with a bottle of Ketel One Vodka. Stu got me the first two seasons of Ren & Stimpy and Steven Soderbugh's classic "Schizopolis" on DVD. Tim gave me the first six seasons of Red Dwarf. Stu's mom got me a copy of her (now deceased) ex-husband's book "From Alcatraz to the White House", which details Nathan Glenn Williams days as a bank robber in the Depression Era, his capture and incarceration at Alcatraz and his Presidential pardon from Jimmy Carter. I got a bottle of sake from Weez and a box of chocolates from Matt. Frito got me a two month subscription to suicidegirls.com. I love the gifts!

Thank you all.

Tonight, Weeze is throwing a BBQ at her place, then we're going down to Nectar in Fremont for WORLDWIDE!! The Westsiiide Posse is coming...should be funfunfun!!

I tried duplicating the look of wonder, determination and innocence that I had on the baby picture that I posted earlier. Unfortunately, It came out looking like I've just passed gas...

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