Adam and Erin got married on Friday, which seemed like (and probably was) the hottest day of the year. I started sweating the minute I left work. I stopped by Ross on the way home, hoping to find some cufflinks, only to be told "Yes, no cufflinks." by a rather sour-faced lady watching the dressing rooms there. Frito came over and the he, Laura and I rushed around getting ready. I'd bought 3-4 new shirts for the occasion before settling on a nice purple-blue number that came with a tie and hankerchief.
Anyway, I was pretty moist by the time we struggled through Friday rush-hour traffic up to Edmonds. It was nice and cool inside the church. Although the ceremony had already started, we found seats in the very back.
The couple looked relaxed and happy. Erin was glowing and Adam looked quite handsome in his black suit.
The reception was held at the library and cultural center in Edmonds. It was a cloudless day and the view of the Olympics at sunset was amazing. We had dinner, did some dancing and headed home. Jason J. posted pictures here http://www.flickr.com/photos/j-justice/sets/727088/
I was feeling somewhat industrious the following morning, so I went out to Big People Scooters and bought some parts, came home and got my scooter running. I rode it around the neighborhood, grinning like an idiot. I'd forgotten how much fun it is!
Later on, I met Oani and her crew in Fremont at the Outdoor Cinema. We watched "The Goonies" then Cassie, Graham and I went to a chi-chi beer joint nearby.
On Sunday, I went to the Fremont Sunday Market to look for the guy I bought some amazing soap from but he wasn't there. Damn! I gotta get hold of the stuff...I love it!
I did some motorcycle maintenence and then went to get Bubble Tea, only to run into Laura who was coming out of the place with some for me! She also brought me some dinner from a party she'd gone to. So we went home and chilled.

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Oani said...

It was so good to see you on Saturday :)

Thanks for posting the pics of Adam and Erin's wedding - they really look happy.

See you on Sat for birthday goodness!!