Sunday 2:14AM

Sunday 2:14AM

On Friday, I met up with The Viking and The Frito. We caught a DJ set by members of Gus Gus. I marvelled at how unhip those guys looked...like they were trying to be dorks! The music was decent, but I was somewhat underwhelmed, 'cause they spun off CD's all night. Great for their compactness...but, hell -- I can (and have) hit the "play" button at parties. Least there were some cute girls on the dance floor.
I got home in time to catch the 1AM showing of Battlestar Galactica. I ain't gonna try and covert y'all if you ain't into it, but I think that show kicks ass! Then I dinked around on the computer for way too long and went to bed around 5AM. Oh, and it was a beautiful night out. I went into the front yard and took some pictures. I tried to hold the camera steady, but the exposure was too long...but I still think this looks cool.

I got up and quickly got out of the house 'cause it was a beautiful day. Went to visit the Frito and scored a Chuck Klosterman novel and a 2 disc mix by Junior Vasquez. Scott was brewing beer and watching "Hildalgo" at (more or less) the same time. We hung out, played DOOM3 and he decided he wanted to wash his car. I got hungry around 5 and rode to a Japanese restaurant near the house for Sukiyaki and Futomaki and started the Klosterman book. After I got home, I puttered around, then went to The Baltic Room to meet Neil and Tess. Cheb i Sabbah was spinning and the club was a weird mix of hippie types, Indian-Americans and club regulars.
I can't say I like Bhangra based stuff too much...or at least in large doses. Everyone was heavin' though. I chilled in the Mafia booth and drank Red Bull mixed with Ginger Vodka. After I was sure I was sober, I took the long way home.

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