Nostalgia Day...

Nostalgia Day...

Johnny was out today so I skipped listening to Howard Stern and Air America Radio and put on the KJET 1600 station I've written about before. Graham Parker's "Temporary Beauty" floored me right away -- I was immediately taken back to '82, where I spent the better part of the summer watching MTV and playing Intellivision in Tommy Simpson's basement.
I was telling my friend Karen about it and was amazed that she'd never heard The Replacements. Or Lloyd Cole and the Commotions. Or The Comsat Angels...seriously, check it out. The station is low fi (KJET was AM, anyway) but the tunes are good, even if some are a bit dated production-wise.

On Saturday, Heidi took me to see Dead Can Dance at The Paramount Theater. It seemed like every goth in town was there. I'm not a huge fan, although I love Brendan Perry's voice (I think that if there was a real Metatron, it would sound like him) and he did songs with words in english, so he had my full attention when he sang.
We were there mostly because back in the day (something like 10 years ago, for those of you keeping track) Heidi and I used to go out drinking on Thursday nights. We'd start out at The Frontier Room and hit various spots in Belltown, ending up at a now defunct place called The Brick Street. The Frontier Room had "American Dreaming" from "Toward the Within" on its jukebox and we'd play the song and sing it to each other, even though I don't think either of us are exactly sure what the second half of the second verse is. It was "our song," regardless -- so there!
(Other songs that proceeded a night of drinking: Stu -- "Frenzy" by Screamin' Jay Hawkins; Frito -- "Soul Heaven" by Deep Sensation)
Anyway, the concert was really cool, even if I didn't care for Lisa Gerrard's songs. J.R. and Kim were there as was Patty, Robert and Kelly but we didn't sit together, so I had Heidi all to myself...quite nice.
After I got home I cranked "How Low Can a Punk Get?" to scrub the goth off me brain.

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