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Morrissey at Work on New Album

Kati Llewellyn reports:
The man who put the 'M' in Manchester is in the news again. Surprisingly, we're not here to tell you Morrissey's playing "X" festival, [insert fancy name here] Hall, or a couple dates around Europe. Oh, it's bigger than that...the kind of thing that makes people yell "THIS JUST IN!", "BREAKING NEWS!", or even "STOP THE PRESSES!".

Everyone's favorite Smiths frontman is currently in the studio with producer Jeff Salzman (the Killers)...and our good friend death. Yup, Morrissey is at work in Rome in film soundtrack god Ennio Morricone’s former studio, which happens to be located in the catacombs of a seventeenth-century church. Ooh, how goth.

According to his publicist, "It's apparently the most full-on rock record Morrissey's ever done. It's a balls-to-the-wall rock record, not a slow one like the last one." The album is close to being wrapped, and is tentatively scheduled for a spring 2006 release. At this point in time, tour dates have not been released, but hey, I'm sure they'll be, uhh, balls-to-the-coffin.

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