I Gotta Say...Something...

I Gotta Say...Something...

The internets are fixed and I'm able to update at home once again! WhooHoo!

Fall landed like a ton of bricks around here. We didn't get our normal Indian Summer. It's been wet and cold about three weeks too early! I'm going to have to make lots of trips to the Pho shop these next five months.

The only thing I can add as "news" is that I found a new place to live. I'll be moving to the Madison Valley...a return to my ancient stomping grounds as it were. My three new roommates (two guys and a cat) all seem like decent folks (well, maybe not the cat -- she bites (gently) sometimes) but I think we'll all get along swimmingly.

Basically, the rest of 2005 means hunkering down and working like a madman until spring. Hopefully something new, funny or at least interesting will happen between now and then, eh?

BTW -- This morning I dreamed I was the sole witness to an early performance by The Commodores. Lionel Ritchie fronted a five-piece that played a really stripped down and funky Meters-like jam. I had just begun to upbraid him for become a sellout schlockmeister who ditched his band at the first opportunity when my alarm went off.


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The Prof. said...

Hey now! Don't give up on our Indian Summer so quickly, son!

It's usually a couple weeks in the middle of October (comin' up right about now). Just enough to make ya' think it'll stay nice for a while then -- BLAMO! --it'll drop to freezing just in time for Halloween.