Man, I'm tired...

Man, I'm tired...

The move went well. Neil showed up at 8:20, we got coffee, then picked up the truck. I'd placed everything in the basement so we only had to travel 20-30 feet to grab my boxes and put them on the truck. We were done in about 30 minutes.
I made a couple of idiot checks around the house, hopped on my bike and then we were off. It was a longer trip into the new place. Frito and my new housemate Jonathan showed up and helped out. We quickly got everything in the house. I drove the truck back to the old place, loaded some stuff for a dump run then grabbed a few items to stuff in Neil's car. Then we went to the dump, returned the truck and then back to the house to get my scooter. I rode pell mell back to the old place, cracking people up along the way...I look like a bizarre circus bear on that thing (I was mugging and throwing devil signs the whole way, too) and the scoot was smoking like crazy...I was running Sea Foam to clear off carbon build up.
I got to new place and got the last of the stuff in. I made an incredible amount of progress getting things squared away. My bed went together in five minutes. I slept like a rock.
I caught the wrong bus to work in the morning and wound up taking over an hour to roll into work. I got the right one today, u betcha!
So far, I'm diggin' the new place. I haven't decided where everything goes yet, but it's coming together. I feel a little displaced, but as I get more comfortable that will fade.

In other news, the SunTzu Soundsystem posse released their first e.p. I got it on vinyl AND CD...gotta support my boys! Jeremy Ellis headlined and it was awesome...and it was Aaron's birthday! The chocolate cake was yummy, yo. I hope you got some.

This Friday...Fey Ray is playing The High Dive. If you can make it, please come down. We don't get many weekend shows, but that may change if we can pack this one. I have a feeling this is gonna be one for the record books...I am super primed to RAWK and we will BRING IT!

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fat_girl said...

what time do you guys take the stage? see you there. XOXO - hotsy