Y'know, as everybody (else) gets older and paired off, I thought I might need to make some new friends. I went to the Cretins weekly get together at The Viking tonight and I don't recall ever being in a room full of nicer people who weren't Jesus freaks or on drugs.

I walked into the bar and everyone looked at me for a second, then Smokey introduced himself. Then I Bob, AKA Bob the Junkman who was one of the organizers of the Mods and Rockers ride that I went on this summer. Then I met Matt from the UTMC board and another Matt and Todd and John and Micah...I had a couple of beers, a couple of smokes and we and we started talking bikes.



fat_girl said...

yay! new friends!

mike said...

hey thanks for the words. I didn't know you had a blog. Maggie and Donna both helped me out. Donna got me some work at the studio she works at and maggie met with me and gave me a lot of advice. and I keep bugging her about random NY photo industry questions and so far she doesn't seem to mind. Overall we're doing good though. Kate has a full time job at designspace and I'm trying to do freelance full time, and so far getting plenty of work so hopefully that keeps up.

Other than that nothing too exciting. Although last night I got wasted with everyone in the house for the first time and my lesbian roomate gave me oral sex advice. So now everytime I run into her she avoids looking at me. And when she does I make an obscene hand gesture that is only obscene because it refers to a "technique" we discussed last night, and then her face turns red and she avoids me some more. It's awesome.