She's Goooonnneee!

She's Goooonnneee!

I sold Pearl on Friday. I want to get an old standard (AKA a UJM "Universal Japanese Motorcycle") to learn to do some wrenching on. This passion has been growing inside me for years now. And the more I read about bikes and the more people I meet, the more this urge grows.
Especially after going The Cretins meeting on Thursday. It's one thing to sit on the various boards and look at pictures and make pithy comments. It's another thing to be face to face with someone and see the fire in their eyes and know that the secret joy you have in your heart for two-wheelers, the joy that your non-riding friends don't understand, isn't such a secret to him.
And even after three years of lurking, reading various sites and magazines and watching "Biker Buildoff" and "American Chopper," I realize that I haven't even begun to scratch the suface.
I decided I wanted to try something simple. Find a relatively inexpensive bike, buy some manuals and see what I could do. So Pearl had to go.

My plan was a simple one devised by the smart part of my brain (who's voice is always just a little too faint). I really didn't want a hassle. There's enough scooter and motorcycle guys in this town to be relatively confident that I could trade the scoot for a bike. So I crafted a Craigslist ad Wednesday night to that end. I got four responses right away, but held off because three of the offers were to trade bike in the sub-500cc range. I'd specified that I wanted 500cc and above. One guy was pretty determined. He wanted to know what I'd sell for in cash. I put him off for a day...but when Friday rolled around and I didn't get close to what I wanted, my resolve wavered.
The smart part of my brain feebly suggested that I wait until Monday. But the persistant dude had mentioned the Hagakure in passing and had won me over. So Friday night he came out check out the scoot, handed me a wad of bills and carted her off.

I swear, not more than 10 mintues after he left, I received an email from one of The Cretins telling me that he owned 15 bikes available to him and that he'd gladly trade me one for the scooter.
I called him anyway and told him I'd sold the bike already but that I was still interested in what he had on hand. He told me that we could get together next week and he'd show me what he had.
It might cost me a more than what I had. But I figure between him, Craigslist and Bob the Junkman, I might be able to find something cool...we'll see.

After the phone call, El Stu came by and he and went to catch "Black To My Roots" a stage play directed by his coworker, Tyrone Brown. The play is about...hair. More specifically, the relationship between black folks and their hair. I thought the production was well done, although there were a couple of rough spots, but I guess that's to be expected on opening night. Having an aunt who was a hairdresser and a father who prided himself on his ablitly to "cut heads," there were a lot of cultural signifiers I recognized in the play, but then again it wasn't nearly as deep or entertaining as Tyrone's "Hamlet X."

After the play, Stu and drove around trying to score some Pho, but parking on Capitol Hill was sucky (especially if you're in a '55 Pontiac Starchief) so we wound up at Dick's. Then we met Neil down at the LoFi Gallery where the Sun Tzu posse was spinning. The place had a very cool, New York loft vibe, although after talking to one of the owners I thought the whole notion of trying to create an "underground" scene here in Seattle was a bit contrived. Especially when half the crowd looked like they'd come from the suburbs.

Yesterday was fairly warm and nice, though cloudy. I went out and bought a new pair of jeans and a winter coat, then got some Pho. Ran into one of the Cretins and said hello. Then I came home and took a nap. I met up with some of the Westsiiide posse at Chapel and we spent the evening quaffing cocktails (the sage & pear margarita was the bomb, yo) and talking up a storm. I rode home in the rain.

Tonight, I go to Stu and Rachel's for spaghetti and a slideshow of their trip to Italy...should be fun!

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