Turkey Day Aftermath

Turkey Day Aftermath

I managed to practice some moderation this year and didn't burst my stomach! I went to Pt. Orchard to Chrissie and Liz's place for dinner on Thursday, woke up with a mild hangover and rode through the pouring rain back to my house the next day. Then I did some quick grocery shopping and went over to Frito's, where I peeled and mashed 5 pounds of potatos (Stu said they were sublime), then rode to Everett with Stu and Rachel for our traditional Orphan's Thanksgiving at Erin and Adam's.
Both dinner and the company were excellent and I'm truly blessed to know so many wonderful people.
Tommorrow, I'm going to have brunch with my witty and much beloved friend Mecedes, and if all goes well this afternoon, I may be the proud owner of a new motorcycle!

Much to be Thankful for...

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Miss Oani said...

Ugh - my pc went belly up and due to reconfig I didnt get the email with directions until after 4:30 that day.

I do have your apple pie though hon.
Let me know when you are free this week and I will bring it on over.