An Update...

An Update...

The weekend has arrived and I am tired.
I spent just about every night this week out doin' something. Last night I met up with Richelle and Jay, then later JR and Kim, down where Liz works. I'd had three pints of Maritime Nightwatch and a PBR tallboy and I was DONE around 10. Richelle was nice enough to give me a lift home.
On Wednesday, a bunch of us went over to Frito and Cindy's to see the anti-Wal-Mart movie that MoveOn is sponsoring. Although the movie felt a little padded, there was some pretty damning stuff in there. I just read today that the Feds raided a Wal-Mart and made 126 arrests on immigration violations.
The funny thing is that while Wal-Mart is something of an aborration, they're a very successful one...and sadly, the shape of things to come. Don't think for a second that there aren't people seeking to study and emulate their business model. Constant vigilence is needed to combat them...or at least make them change their practices.

I'm itching to buy a new bike! I've been combing Craigslist and various boards and can't seem to make up my mind. I'm hoping a trip to Bob's Bike Salvage will inspire me in some way, but I know that if I hang out to the cash I have and add to it, I could get something way cool later.
Either way, my cousin David and I seem to have been bitten by the same bug and I'm glad there 's something that we can bond over. As kids we spent hours and hours taking our bikes apart and putting back together again. I guess some things don't really ever change.

Tonight, I'm going out with my friend Karen. We're going to have some drinks and see a band. Tomorrow, I plan to meet up with David and go to Bob's, then later on, meet up with JR and check out Transpacific's "Remix" show at the Rendezvous.

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