Out With The Old, In With The New...

Out With The Old, In With The New...

So, even though I'm agnostic and don't really care about Xmas, I did manage to get some cool shit. My boss gave me a bottle of wine, a year-end bonus and all of this week off, paid! The owner of our sister company gave me a $50 gift certificate to M Coy Books and my supervisor handed me a $25 iTunes gift certificate! WhooHoo! I promptly ran out and got Gary a bottle of 18 year old Glenfiddich, 'cause nothing says holidays like booze!
On Xmas eve, I went over to Karen's for a little party. I didn't know anyone other than Karen and her brother but everyone was cool. I met Martin Feveyear and his family...he runs a studio in Seattle and has a bitchin' motorcycle...both he and his wife ride. I was hanging out with Trish and her boyfriend, a couple of nights before -- two producers in a week? Interesting. I also met Karen's coworker Sarah, who's probably the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in person. She hugged me goodbye when she left..! *sigh*
I spent Sunday puttering around the house and I finished the second book in the 'Prince of Nothing' series. I've been buying music like mad...and since I was feeding Stu's cat for him, I've been borrowing his CD's and ripping them. I brought home all of Funkadelic's albums, and yesterday I borrowed a bunch of King Crimson and Roy Ayers. Then I went to breakfast with Mercy on Monday and we stopped by Sonic Boom and I got The Pernice Brothers first album, Spoon's latest and both M83 albums. Then I went on iTunes and picked up Kelley Polar, Opeth, Loverboy and Billy Joel (don't ask). Stu had also hooked me up with a couple of mp3 discs of power pop.
Today I was at a used CD joint and grabbed Black Sabbath's "We Sold Our Soul For Rock 'N' Roll and a Scratch Perry/Scientist disc!
Yesterday, I got the urge to do some shopping, so I went downtown, got a couple of pairs of kicks at the Rack, Hugo Boss cologne at Sephora, chocolate at See's Candy and a couple of hoodies at Old Navy (natch). I got home, dropped off my stuff went to feed Stu's cat and then went to Frito's to see Cindy's 1970 Triumph Tiger Daytona, which she'd gotten shipped here from Detroit. I also wanted to borrow a drill because I couldn't get the bolt out of the ride side handlebar. I wanted to mount my other mirror and I'd spent $10 bucks on a special bit that was suppose to remove stripped screws. It didn't work! So I got it home and took a hacksaw to the bar end weight. I sawed off enough so that I could grab the bolt with vice grips and twisted that fucker right off. I'm sure one of the neighbors saw my victory dance and think I'm nuts, but I don't care - it took over an hour!. After I got the mirror on, I hopped onboard the GPZ and took her out for a ride out to Renton through Skyway down to East Marginal Way and through Georgetown to Airport Way and back.
Last night I went out with Louise and Kelly for drinks at The Elysian...it's been a good week so far.

NYE looms, but we can't seem to make up our minds about what to do. I'm leaning toward going to Bremerton for the Westsiide posse's party, but then with my best friend getting engaged, I feel like we should celebrate! Hm. What to do?


Sneaky Bugger...

Sneaky Bugger...

And another one bites the dust... Congrats, kids!



Bloo Note

So Frito took this picture of me at Stu's birthday party on Friday. And I thought it would make a pretty good jazz album cover, so:

Pretty funny, huh? Of course, I'm already considering ways to improve it but I think it'll do for now. (update - Ah...this is better.)

Stu's party was fun. I helped Rachel put big photocopies of Stu from his younger days. It's hard to believe how much things have and haven't changed in the 13 years we've been friends. Anyway, the party was held in The Grotto, a private room down in the basement of the Rendezvous. My band played, the Westsiiide posse was there, we had cake, listened to The Stares, I talked to Chad and Oani for a good while. Matt, Tyrone, John and Adam all roasted Stu...the night seems like a blur. Stu's Official birthday is the 19th, so if you haven't yet, wish the geezer a happy 40th.
I - OTHO, still have until August 2007.

I spent most of yesterday cleaning a fixing things my GPZ. I replaced the right turn signal, the brake lever, replaced the light bulbs in the speedometer. The only thing left to do is try and get the end bolt on the handlebars out so I can mount the right side mirror. Then I need get some small fasteners for the faring and I can relax! For awhile anyway.
I took her out for a ride today. It was cold, but we went south to Genesee, then up to Beacon Hill. Then I went into Chinatown and ate at Shanghai Gardens. Now, I'm doing laundry and thinking about chocolate and where I can get some...must...resist!


Happy Birthday Matt!

Happy Birthday Matt!

Today is Matt's 33rd birthday and even though he doesn't like to make a fuss about it, I think that even though we're between the holidays and Stu and Maria's birthdays, he should to get a shoutout - and a bottle o' Basil Hayden ('cuz nothing says "birthday" like booze!)

I met Matt about ten years ago. Me and Stu's pop band Fierce Logic was running out of creative steam and I was looking to rock out more. I found an ad in The Rocket (the long defunct local music mag) and called it. We had a good chat, Matt and his housemate Andy were looking to start a band, but we didn't have a drummer. I didn't know if Stu would go for it, so a couple of months went by. I finally asked Stu and it turned out he was interested! Matt, Andrew, Stu and I got together in the basement of Stu's mother's house for our first jam as The Visitors in September and worked out some songs Matt had. The first one was called "Fay Wray." We recorded a demo soon after which we expanded to a full length some time after that, but we never released it.

Andrew moved away, we got "management" (Matt's girlfriend, Trish) and play a bunch of gigs but around the fall of '97, I was frustrated and ready to move on. I wanted to do even heavier rock and Matt was moving in a more loose and experimental direction. The band continued with newer personnel as Askew, but that fell apart after awhile. Matt moved away and got married. I never did start my "Super Maximum R&B" band, but while on vacation with Stu in 2001, I listened to the old Visitors disc and I loved what I heard. Matt and Leslie had moved back to Seattle, so I contacted him and Fey Ray was born.

Aside from being a husband, father and my Brother In Rock, Matt's a touchable and interesting dude. He's into film, poker, music in all its guises (he turned me onto Television, for example), does an awesome Bob Mould impression, is an excellent cook and his political writing is precise, concise and insightful in way I wish mine were (part of the reason I quit doin' it!) He's a graduate student in Middle East Studies and Arabic and I look forward to the day he's on Meet the Press, pontificating on the Middle East and the differences between Eric Clapton and Dave Gilmour's string bends.

Happy B-day dude.
(And thanks for the cigs!)


Sunday Again

Sunday Again

The Cretins MC party was a hoot! I'd taken a nap and really had to talk myself into suiting up for the ride to SODO. My bike was covered with a light layer of frost. My roommate Jason came home as I was cleaning it off and chuckled at my foolhardyness but honestly, I seem to have resigned myself to being cold so I didn't think it was that big a deal.
The clubhouse was full of bikes when I arrived, mostly streetfighter/standards and cafe racers. The Mosquito Fleet was there and as were The Pleasure Barons MC.
There were huge heaters set up in the larger rooms in the clubhouse and a knot of people stood around them, trying to keep warm. I ran into Smokey as I was talking to a fella I'd met at The Viking a few weeks ago. He told me to go in and grab a beer, 'cause they were going to start the races outside in a few minutes. It took me about 10 minutes to get through the crush of bodies to the bar. The place was packed, but everyone was friendly and having a good time. I got back out to the street in time to see the races. Bascially, there were a couple of rolling chassis that the contestants were required to push backwards down the street. There were a few spills as the racers lost control, but it was all in fun and nobody got hurt. They had a bunch of kids bikes that they raced too.
I went back into the clubhouse and struck up a coversation with a fella named John, who recently moved out here from Denver. He'd caged it that night, but he told me he had a Triumph. We talked bikes for awhile and when I went inside to get another beer, I was waylaid by a nice young lady who gave me a back massage! I complimented on her skills (assuming she was a massage student getting her practice hours in) and she said, "Well, that's why they call me 'Backhoe!'" Alrighty then.
I got phone calls from Amber, who came down and hung out for awhile and from Frito, who was drunk off his ass at the SeaCompression Party at ConWorks. He was pissed 'cause he lost his rather expensive camera which he'd brought along while participating in the local Santarchy earlier in the day.
Amber and I chatted with a guy from Oak Harbor, who'd ridden down on a Bonneville. He was pretty wasted but proud of himself, which I don't blame him for -- Whidbey Island to Seattle in 40 degree temperatures is pretty hardcore. Especially on a bike with no windshield!! Amber remarked that she thought he was pretty hot, "For a white guy." So she gave him her card and took off.
I wandered around just shooting the shit...everyone was so cool that it was really easy and I didn't retreat into my shell, which I sometimes do when confronted with a roomful of people I don't know. Smokey came by and started rockin' the decks playing everything from cheesy 80's metal and punk to 50's & 60's garage rock, soul and stripper music. The movie The Leather Boys played on continuous loop on the DVD over the bar (which was interesting because I'd just recently taken an interest in cafe racers and the whole early 60's British biker scene. The Ace Cafe which reopened in the 90's is featured in the movie.) I spent the rest of the night dancing with a bunch of girls and sobering up. It was 4AM when I left.
It was foggy as hell on the way home, but the streets were deserted and I made it home without incident.

Pho and aspirin cured my hangover.


Happy Birthday Maria!

Happy Birthday Maria!

Today is Maria's birthday. I think Dan's was sometime this week. Matt and Stu are coming up.
Maria will be 28, which at least means I can breathe a huge sigh of relief because if there was anyone I know that was a candidate for the "27 club" it was her...(I half-kid).

She says she has to work tonight, but she's going to be at Tango around 10, so if you want tapas and drinks, that's where we'll be. Stu and I are going to see Syriana first, however.

Tomorrow is the Cretins MC's X-mas bash...I'm so psyched!


Cold Fun!

Cold Fun!

Last week was weird. Work sorta plodded along, though we got news of some cool and exciting new projects. But my days were long and now that we're full-on into winter and it's dark so much, everything is a blur. I did get a new motorcycle last Sunday, however...it looks a lot like this:

It's a 1984 Kawasaki GPz750. She's a faded in the paint and needs some TLC...but not much surprisingly. I spent a good part of Saturday really looking her over. Whoever owned her before me made some pretty cool upgrades, like braided stainless steel brake cables. The seat is in good condition and the tires are fairly new. It's nice to have a bike with both a side and center stand.
If I can get the dirt and rust off and repaint the engine and pipes, she'll be lookin' gooood. I took her out for a ride today, just along the lake to Seward Park, then down to Rainier Beach and then took Rainier Ave. to Renton, then up into Skyway and back, with a stop at Frito's so he could check her out. It was sunny out, but damn it was cold!
Unfortunately, my upper thighs caught all the wind, unlike my cruiser where all the air hits my knees and shins! I was freezing when I got back, so I hadda climb into the shower to get some heat back into me.
As for the bike, my immediate plans are to fix a few small things and then ride the shit out of her until she reaches 40K, then see what needs to be done. Sometime next year I'll get a lower fairing (like this) and paint the whole bike metallic orange with two racing stripes...that would be cool. She doesn't have a name yet...but I'm wavering between Orange Peeler (as a tribute to my cousin David's old Schwinn) or The Black 8.

Speaking of bikes, I met Kim, J.R. & Liz down at the Motorcycle Show yesterday. I was a bit diappointed because Triumph didn't have a booth. I really wanted to see the new Scrambler and 675 Triple. I barely looked at any Honda's, mostly spent my time in the Kawasaki, BMW and Ducati displays. Ran into my cousin and his wife and kids and we walked around a bit. I dunno why, but I quickly got bored. I wasn't even thinking about buying anything and most bikes nowdays seem to lack personality. There weren't many customs around, so after awhile everthing looked the same.
We left and went over the Pyramid Alehouse to have a couple of beers and kill some time before Liz had to go back to work. Then I rode out to my friend Karen's to watch Murderball.
Tonight is Movie Night as El Stu's. We're watching The Jerk.
Tomorrow, I'm trying out for Will and Chris' band, D-Chromatic.