Bloo Note

So Frito took this picture of me at Stu's birthday party on Friday. And I thought it would make a pretty good jazz album cover, so:

Pretty funny, huh? Of course, I'm already considering ways to improve it but I think it'll do for now. (update - Ah...this is better.)

Stu's party was fun. I helped Rachel put big photocopies of Stu from his younger days. It's hard to believe how much things have and haven't changed in the 13 years we've been friends. Anyway, the party was held in The Grotto, a private room down in the basement of the Rendezvous. My band played, the Westsiiide posse was there, we had cake, listened to The Stares, I talked to Chad and Oani for a good while. Matt, Tyrone, John and Adam all roasted Stu...the night seems like a blur. Stu's Official birthday is the 19th, so if you haven't yet, wish the geezer a happy 40th.
I - OTHO, still have until August 2007.

I spent most of yesterday cleaning a fixing things my GPZ. I replaced the right turn signal, the brake lever, replaced the light bulbs in the speedometer. The only thing left to do is try and get the end bolt on the handlebars out so I can mount the right side mirror. Then I need get some small fasteners for the faring and I can relax! For awhile anyway.
I took her out for a ride today. It was cold, but we went south to Genesee, then up to Beacon Hill. Then I went into Chinatown and ate at Shanghai Gardens. Now, I'm doing laundry and thinking about chocolate and where I can get some...must...resist!

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