Cold Fun!

Cold Fun!

Last week was weird. Work sorta plodded along, though we got news of some cool and exciting new projects. But my days were long and now that we're full-on into winter and it's dark so much, everything is a blur. I did get a new motorcycle last Sunday, however...it looks a lot like this:

It's a 1984 Kawasaki GPz750. She's a faded in the paint and needs some TLC...but not much surprisingly. I spent a good part of Saturday really looking her over. Whoever owned her before me made some pretty cool upgrades, like braided stainless steel brake cables. The seat is in good condition and the tires are fairly new. It's nice to have a bike with both a side and center stand.
If I can get the dirt and rust off and repaint the engine and pipes, she'll be lookin' gooood. I took her out for a ride today, just along the lake to Seward Park, then down to Rainier Beach and then took Rainier Ave. to Renton, then up into Skyway and back, with a stop at Frito's so he could check her out. It was sunny out, but damn it was cold!
Unfortunately, my upper thighs caught all the wind, unlike my cruiser where all the air hits my knees and shins! I was freezing when I got back, so I hadda climb into the shower to get some heat back into me.
As for the bike, my immediate plans are to fix a few small things and then ride the shit out of her until she reaches 40K, then see what needs to be done. Sometime next year I'll get a lower fairing (like this) and paint the whole bike metallic orange with two racing stripes...that would be cool. She doesn't have a name yet...but I'm wavering between Orange Peeler (as a tribute to my cousin David's old Schwinn) or The Black 8.

Speaking of bikes, I met Kim, J.R. & Liz down at the Motorcycle Show yesterday. I was a bit diappointed because Triumph didn't have a booth. I really wanted to see the new Scrambler and 675 Triple. I barely looked at any Honda's, mostly spent my time in the Kawasaki, BMW and Ducati displays. Ran into my cousin and his wife and kids and we walked around a bit. I dunno why, but I quickly got bored. I wasn't even thinking about buying anything and most bikes nowdays seem to lack personality. There weren't many customs around, so after awhile everthing looked the same.
We left and went over the Pyramid Alehouse to have a couple of beers and kill some time before Liz had to go back to work. Then I rode out to my friend Karen's to watch Murderball.
Tonight is Movie Night as El Stu's. We're watching The Jerk.
Tomorrow, I'm trying out for Will and Chris' band, D-Chromatic.


fat_girl said...

you never got back to me Saturday.

Woeful Joyful said...

How was Murderball? I've been meaning to see it.

On other fronts, I started a blog just so I could leave that comment on yours. I spose that's a good a reason as any, eh?