Out With The Old, In With The New...

Out With The Old, In With The New...

So, even though I'm agnostic and don't really care about Xmas, I did manage to get some cool shit. My boss gave me a bottle of wine, a year-end bonus and all of this week off, paid! The owner of our sister company gave me a $50 gift certificate to M Coy Books and my supervisor handed me a $25 iTunes gift certificate! WhooHoo! I promptly ran out and got Gary a bottle of 18 year old Glenfiddich, 'cause nothing says holidays like booze!
On Xmas eve, I went over to Karen's for a little party. I didn't know anyone other than Karen and her brother but everyone was cool. I met Martin Feveyear and his family...he runs a studio in Seattle and has a bitchin' motorcycle...both he and his wife ride. I was hanging out with Trish and her boyfriend, a couple of nights before -- two producers in a week? Interesting. I also met Karen's coworker Sarah, who's probably the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in person. She hugged me goodbye when she left..! *sigh*
I spent Sunday puttering around the house and I finished the second book in the 'Prince of Nothing' series. I've been buying music like mad...and since I was feeding Stu's cat for him, I've been borrowing his CD's and ripping them. I brought home all of Funkadelic's albums, and yesterday I borrowed a bunch of King Crimson and Roy Ayers. Then I went to breakfast with Mercy on Monday and we stopped by Sonic Boom and I got The Pernice Brothers first album, Spoon's latest and both M83 albums. Then I went on iTunes and picked up Kelley Polar, Opeth, Loverboy and Billy Joel (don't ask). Stu had also hooked me up with a couple of mp3 discs of power pop.
Today I was at a used CD joint and grabbed Black Sabbath's "We Sold Our Soul For Rock 'N' Roll and a Scratch Perry/Scientist disc!
Yesterday, I got the urge to do some shopping, so I went downtown, got a couple of pairs of kicks at the Rack, Hugo Boss cologne at Sephora, chocolate at See's Candy and a couple of hoodies at Old Navy (natch). I got home, dropped off my stuff went to feed Stu's cat and then went to Frito's to see Cindy's 1970 Triumph Tiger Daytona, which she'd gotten shipped here from Detroit. I also wanted to borrow a drill because I couldn't get the bolt out of the ride side handlebar. I wanted to mount my other mirror and I'd spent $10 bucks on a special bit that was suppose to remove stripped screws. It didn't work! So I got it home and took a hacksaw to the bar end weight. I sawed off enough so that I could grab the bolt with vice grips and twisted that fucker right off. I'm sure one of the neighbors saw my victory dance and think I'm nuts, but I don't care - it took over an hour!. After I got the mirror on, I hopped onboard the GPZ and took her out for a ride out to Renton through Skyway down to East Marginal Way and through Georgetown to Airport Way and back.
Last night I went out with Louise and Kelly for drinks at The Elysian...it's been a good week so far.

NYE looms, but we can't seem to make up our minds about what to do. I'm leaning toward going to Bremerton for the Westsiide posse's party, but then with my best friend getting engaged, I feel like we should celebrate! Hm. What to do?

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Writer on Board said...

Wow! You have a really cool life! When I get old, I hope I can maybe have as cool a life as yours - if I live that long!

-Jason Nobody