Fargen Egg...

Fargen Egg...

I stopped by the house yesterday. There were signs that my roommates had stopped in over the weekend, but it otherwise it sat cold, dark and empty when I arrived. I've noticed that some of my neighbors have large storage containers out front.
Jason and I met with an adjuster at the PSU trailer last week. They told us we should be receiving a letter telling us who we'd be working with to settle our claim soon, with an initial payment (he wasn't sure of the size) coming sometime soon.
The last time I was there, I went downstairs and they'd removed all of our flotsam and jetsam, the carpets and half of the walls, giving my previously warm, cozy basement all the charm of a unfinished cellar! I took some cameraphone pics. It's going to weird living there again.
Frito and Cindy have been great. Of course, I lived here before I moved out in 2004 with Laura (I'll never make that mistake again!) so I feel right at home, though all my stuff is elsewhere.
Staying in the basement isn't so bad -- I got access to cable and Frito's computer, but I really can't wait to get all my stuff together. I feel rootless and out-of-sorts, yet other parts of my life and excellent!
I can't say for sure that 2007 will be a blast, but it can only get better now, right?
Aside from all the flood stuff, the holidays went OK. I don't really celebrate them, so I didn't have anyone to disappoint AND I didn't have the pressure of trying to please anyone else. Going from Jehovah's Witness to Agnostic was a decent transition, for what that's worth. I suppose I'll make NYE plans at some point, but I'm effin' broke and payday isn't until next month, so it'll low-key.
I'd like to give a big up to all the people who've offered assistance, condolences and encouragement over the last couple of weeks: Tess, Tim, Jay, Stu, Rachel, Matt, Rob, Rebecca, Cole, Angie, Patty, Oani, Scott, Cindy, Neil, Kathleen, Renee, Sean and Maria.
It's not over yet, but there's some light at the end of the tunnel. I suppose I'll know more once we get past the holidays and settle into The Doldrums.

In the meantime, I'm going to keep listening to "Dick in a Box" and trying to maintain.

Aight, then.




Sometimes I have the most rotten luck.

There was a Seahawks game yesterday. Apparently, this causes enough concern at my job that folks actually start planning to leave work early. I figured it was no big deal, until I saw the weather report.
A big storm was on the way, with gusts up to 70MPH. I'd ridden my motorcycle into work...partly for autonomy in choosing when I could leave and partly 'cause I fuckin' hate taking the bus. It was a pretty rough day at work anyway, 'cause the company prez was in town and we'd been out late the night before drinkin', playing pool and hanging out with him.
I actually got to work first yesterday, but after a nice lunch, I was nodding off at my desk (much to Cole's amusement) while searching through 80 pages of results looking for an FTP error.
I packed it in around 4:30. The parking lot was already becoming a small pond and my Joe Rocket gear got soaked through in the time it took to get from Royal Brougham to Jackson Street. I don't what genius decided to schedule a weekday game to start at 5PM. but I'd sure like to kick his ass!

I was running low on gas and soaked through when I got near home. The huge storm drainage project they've been working on all summer was completely flooded. I had to ride on the sidewalks to avoid the deep puddles on my street. As I rode down my block, I wondered why most of my neighbors were standing around outside. After I got off my bike, a lady ran past me and asked if my basement was flooding. I told her I didn't know and ran around the side of the house to discover a huge lake.
I live in valley. My block isn't the lowest point in the valley, but it is unique in that the houses surround a bowl-like depression that makes up our back yard. During heavy rains, that depression starts to fill up with water. Last year, the city came out and pumped it all out before it could cause any serious problems.
Several months ago. The city knocked down a couple of houses on the block south of mine and and started tearing up the street north of us. This project was designed to take care of heavy stormwater overflows...just the sort of thing that happened last night. Unfortunately, it didn't do what it was supposed to.
I entered my house to the sound of trickling water. As I headed down to the basement, I was greeted by brownish water that covered my waterproof boots. I didn't know if I could get an electric shock, so I turned around and started making phone calls. By the time the water stopped coming in, it's would be 3 feet high. The landlord came by, took a look and bailed. Said he was going to call the city.

I was too astounded by what had happened to get too upset. I called Frito and rode out to his place. Shortly after arriving there, the power went for the whole Rainier Valley. So we lit some candles and went to bed.
We went back to my place this afternoon. The city had pumped out the backyards. All the water was gone from my basement, although the carpet was ruined. What did I lose? Too depressing to recount right now...maybe in a day or two.

There's supposed to be an emergency claims van in the 'hood tomorrow. I've got to fill out a claims form...that should be fun.

I'm gonna get drunk tonight.


Casino Royale

Casino Royale

Just saw the new Bond flick. SPOILER ALERT!!

My take.

I totally enjoyed the movie. I thought Daniel Craig did a really good job, given that the Bond character is really pretty flat.
None of the other movies really tried or even cared to examine what made Bond tick, but instead he was this superhuman badass who never suffered a scratch or displayed any emotion. Bond never seemed particularly patriotic either, which is strange when you compare him with say, Rambo or Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan. Saving the world seemed just like a side effect of all the cars, travel and sex.
We get a little insight when he and Vesper are probing each other's defenses on the train. The unfortunate thing about 'romance' in a Bond flick is that we know the chick will either betray our hero or wind as worm food. Kinda like every woman Ponch dated on CHiPs.
To tell the truth, I didn't really care much for Vesper...she was just as blank as Bond and basically I just kept waiting for the other shoe (her croaking) to drop.
I was a little annoyed that villain was so disposed of so easily. Le Chiffre was a cream puff who probably would've gotten his ass kicked in a fair fight but it would've made a much more interesting story if, after to losing all his money to Bond, the CIA botched the retrieval and Bond would've had to chase him and fight off the CIA and all the people that Le Chiffre owed money to. Instead, they wasted a bunch of time with the chase scene in the beginning...which should have been the ending!
If Bond need to get into trouble at the beginning of the movie, getting arrested after saving the plane could've done the trick.
I admit I liked the fight scenes. Killing someone with your bare hands is hard. Two motivated people in fight should be really fuckin' bloody. And the lack of death rays, secret bases with armies of minions was totally cool.

I can't wait for the next movie, I hope there's more ass-kicking, less romance, better villains and just a tad more spying. Jay says is favorite part is when Bond has to call in the Royal Marines for back up and there's a huge battle...hum, they could keep that too, I guess.




The new job is going quite well. It took a few days to get my email set up and now I will taking on more and more of Cole's duties and figuring ways to simplify and arrange things to my liking.
I really like the atmosphere, it's just the four of us. The boss lady knows how to crack the whip, but then she also likes to have fun. I'm gonna be meeting some key people over the next few weeks...I have until the end of the month before Cole leaves and Rebecca and I completely take over his duties. I'm really excited!

There was a Toy Run down in Olympia this weekend. Rebecca, a woman I know from a motorcycle board I belong to, sent out an invite and since I'd never been on a run (or to South Puget Sound on my bike before) I really wanted to go. I got all geared up and hit the highway around 11AM Saturday. The ride down was pretty uneventful, but cold, even though I was wearing two pairs of gloves!
I found the the South Sound Center easily enough. I didn't bring a toy, so I paid the $10 entry fee and got lined up. One half of the parking lot was full of bikes, mostly Harley's and it seemed everyone had on leathers. I felt a bit out of place with my Joe Rocket suit, full face helmet and Kawasaki, but I didn't let it phase me. I'm the one paying for and riding this bike, if you don't like it -- bite me!

I found Rebecca and her friend Doug and we chatted a bit before the 1PM ride time. The local paper said there were something like 72oo riders! It didn't seem like that many, but it did take something like 20 minutes just to get all of us out of the parking lot! As we rolled through town, people stood on the sidewalks and waved. The sun peeking through the haze and the roar of bikes and the close formation made for an exhilerating experience! The ride was fairly short, though. We got to a park near the State Capitol building (a lovely scene) and parked our bikes on both sides of the street. I met up with Rebecca and Doug again, the toys were collected and we spent an hour or so looking at rides. Most of the bikes I saw were fairly new Harley Electra-Glides, Springers, Road Kings, etc. but there was a couple of old Indians, Gilroy Indians and a really cool bobber built around a Yamaha mill.

Doug left after awhile and Rebecca and I spent the rest of the evening bar-hopping an drinking. I crashed at her place, got up had some coffee and watched a bit of football and rode home Sunday afternoon. There was a Motorcycle show this weekend, but I was too beat to go!

This week, my band has a gig at The Comet Tavern on Thursday. Come down if you can make it! We'll bring the rawk!


Back in the Saddle! Where we Goin?

Man, it's late. But I feel good! I haven't updated my blog in a long time but after I got laid off on September 6 and Mel went back to Denver a week and a half later -- I did a lot of soul searching.
I always wanted to write about what I was DOING, not so much about my transient THOUGHTS or FEELINGS. It's less embarrassing that way.
I occasionally enjoy a good funk, but wallowing in self-pity isn't my style. And if anyone really wants to know what's up with me, all they have to do is ask. I try to be as honest as possible..as long as that doesn't render me completely tactless.
Sometimes, it's just better to wait until things calm down a bit and write with a little perspective.
Somehow the SAD wasn't so bad this year. I'm guessing it's because I'm comfortable here in the house and this summer was so excellent that it didn't feel like I was cheated when the season turned.
I've been employed in some form since I left high school 21 years ago. Time off is a good thing, but broke, frustrated and stir-crazy? Not so good.
My friends were really great during this time, taking me to the movies, or inviting me over to hang out, or taking me out for drinks.
I'll soon be starting a new job. It feels like the first day of school all over again. I'll have to get to know my new co-workers and find out if my new boss is as cool as she seems to be (I have a feeling she is). Mad props to Matt F. for giving me a lead to pursue!
I missed the interactions -- the folks I saw on the bus and the street everyday, rockin' out and discussing politics with Johnny 2X, geek stuff with the boys in the color room.
It's a lousy time of year to be unemployed, with everyone worried about budgets and the distractions of the holidays. One company called me back 3 times, but could never seem to hook me up with the person that I really needed to talk to -- the woman who'd be my boss. They were pretty unprofessional about it, too. I'm going to enjoy telling them (as nicely as possible, of course) that I'm employed elsewhere!
After years of treading water, I feel like I'll finally be moving forward again. And, I have a plan for 2007 -- with goals and shit! Of course, there's no way to predict the future, but it's nice to feel proactive and not just let things happen. Perhaps that goes against keeping a Wu-wei mind, but then, maybe not...
Hopefully, I'll be able to get some work done on my GPZ and get to enjoy riding it this spring and summer. And my Drifter could use some attention. It's a great bike and hasn't given me any trouble at all, except for the flat tire I got in September.
It's starting to get really cold now, so some things will have to wait, which is fine. It'll give me a chance to figure out what my plan of attack (bike-wise) will be.
I'd like to add that Thanksgiving this year was really awesome! I had dinner with Frito, Cindy, their poker buddy Quinn and his girlfriend Emily. I made the mashed potatoes.
The next night was the 10th Orphan's Thanksgiving at Tess' place. I baked two buttermilk pies (I'd never had one before and it just sounded good. And it's an easy recipe) and went with Oani and her fella Dean. Everyone made their specialties and my buddy Jay was able to attend for the first time. He brought a very good selection of liquor which made several folks quite happy.
I don't know why, but I practiced moderation both nights, at least with the food. The pie was a success, I didn't eat any -- I wanted some of the huge caramel apple pie Tess' next door neighbor gave us!
Frito and I got good and ripped on Friday. After we left Tess' we went to The Bad JuJu lounge to check out The Coconut Coolouts, a up and coming local band led by the former singer of Charming Snakes. Maybe I'm getting too old, but the hipster kids there were annoying as fuck. And the band indulged themselves in too much onstage banter, which killed the momentum of the show...ah well.
My band, Blue Star Creeper played The Skylark in West Seattle the following night. I was not as prepared to play as I would've liked to have been, but unlike last time (which was pretty poor, IMO) I kinda knew what to expect. There were four bands on the bill and we went on third. I had enough beer to get me loose but not sloppy. I just concentrated on playing as solidly as possible.
And it worked! I flubbed some notes but our tone is pretty dark and that makes us sound so heavy that it seemed to mask my mistakes.
After the show several people told me I'd done an excellent job...and the sound guy told me some woman wanted to meet me. I think Vicky's sister was merely egging her on, but she was nice.
Louise and her friend (Craig?) showed up. Weez said she really liked us and sent me a picture of the two of us from her party this summer.

It's good to be alive!


And So...

And So...

Dan "The Man" Corcoran, my former roommate, bon viveur, Main Whig, Freak of the Desert, AKA Hellvis, made it on the cover of this weeks Stranger...

It was only a matter of time.

As he put it:

"All it takes is a wig and big mouse hand and I'm on the cover. Okay, add a silver bodysuit and some nice shades (thanks Liam). Oh, and a (probably empty by then) flask...

Who is the Man with the biggest Hand?

All those ladies at the party thought they were soooooo sexy in their "visible lingerie", and it's the freak with the mickey mouse hand and flask of whiskey that gets the money shot!!


props to my hombre Phil "philthy sanchez" in the background..."


This Webcomic...

This Webcomic...

Made me snort water out my nose!




I met up with Oani and her beau Dean at the Crocodile Cafe. We'd missed the opening act, but Oani said Johnny Sonic sucked anyway. The show wasn't sold out, but it was freakin' packed!
I got a couple of beers and tequila shot while Stu was parking the car. I handed him one as he came in and we left our coats with Oan (she's still recovering from a torn Achilles Tendon and was sitting with friends at a table near the door) and headed into the crowd.

The Cherry Poppin' Daddies came on soon after... the drummer and two of the horn players were new and everyone else looked looked just a little older. 'Cause we are!
Dana's rockin' a shaved head and Steve's got a bald patch in the back. There were a lot of kids in swing gear and during the show some dancing broke out.
They ripped through a set that was pretty evenly split between all of their records. The band wasn't as tight as they were back in the day. (I saw my first CPD show in 1990!) They didn't play a lot of my favorites play but with an encore there was about an hour and half of music. I hadn't seen the band in several years, probably since '97 or so and I thought they were finished, so I was quite happy!
I bought a replacement copy of Rapid City Muscle Car and said 'hello' to Steve and Dana. They were gracious enough to pretend they remembered me.
We were out of there by 12:30 or so...it was a great night.

But what happened after was even better.

I had $5 left and I was hungry, so I insisted we go to Dick's. I'm usually flexible on food, but it was almost like I was being compelled to go. We showed up and got some grub and as we were sitting in the car, some people crossed in front of us. Coworkers from my PDI days, Dave C. and his girlfriend Gretchen! I pointed at them and they waved and got in their car to eat. Then some more people crossed in front of the car. One of them was a buxom blond.

We finished our grub and Stu took our trash to the garbage can. But as Stu was getting back in the car, I looked up and the buxom blond was staring down through the window at me, mouth agape.

It was Heather.

I met Heather in 1988, when she was 19. We got to be pretty close friends, both in and out of work. She left the company before I did, but we kept in touch through the years, seeing each other every great once-in-awhile until about 1997, when she moved and changed her number.

I got out of the car and we hugged hard. I was so flabbergasted, all I could do was laugh for joy!
I'd been thinking about her for years! I'd done online searches for her, even procured an address at one time, but didn't do anything about it 'cause I didn't want to skeeve her out.
I'd even given serious thought to hiring a private eye to find her...and just like that, there she was! I couldn't believe my eyes!

She'd been out drinking and dancing with her friends and she had to go, but she gave me her number and made me promise to call her the next day. She also told me that she could be found on MySpace...I informed that I could be too! Heather looked pretty much the same. She told me that she'd been married and divorced and that she'd had a second child.

So I got home last night and started looking for her online. I did a search via MySpace and found out that there were 201 Heathers within 50 miles of my house. I remembered that my Heather is a few years younger than me...so I started skipping all those under 35, though I did have to check anyone who put '99 years old' in the age bracket.
I spent about a hour looking and about 180 profiles in, I found hers. Wow...that close.

I went to bed and hoped she was serious when she said she wanted to meet the next day.

Around noon, I called her. She was really excited to hear from me, though she was hungover! She wanted to meet at 2, so I blew off everyone else and she picked me up at the Pike Place Market. We were both hungry, so I suggested the Twilight Exit.
I'd been contemplating what I'd do when we got together...I was a bit nervous, but it was a little surreal too. Over the last couple of weeks, I've been questioning myself, my life and what I'm doing with it, while wondering where the next 20 years would find me...and if I'd be OK with that. And the Daddies show had touched off a wave of nostalgia as well. But I've felt compelled to do certain things lately and I'm trying hard not to let moments of self-doubt undermine me.

So we ordered bacon cheeseburgers and got caught up. She told me the harrowing details of her marriage and and divorce. She says she's a stronger and more confident person now and she LOVES her daughter...so in a way, it was worth it. I told her about some of the things I'd done over the last nine years. We kept an eye on the Seahawks vs. Giants game.
After awhile, she suggested we go somewhere else. So we drove down to the Arboretum and found a nice quiet spot to sit and talk and watch the ducks swim by. She told me about her kids and we discussed people and events I had not thought of in years. It was like we'd just picked up where we left off. She still has the ability to surprise me with the things she says.

We were both a little weirded out by our reunion...she'd posted a bit on nostalgia on her MS page recently. She said that she'd been surrounding herself with strong women in the wake of the divorce, but felt she needed male friends in her life again...because she didn't want to become bitter. No sooner than she'd voiced that to her aunt, a guy she used to work with had gotten in touch with her.
And then she ran into me!
Around 6PM, she brought me home, I gave her the tour of the 'stead and introduced her to Jason.
We hugged and promised to never lose track of each other again. She added me on MySpace and...I guess we'll see what happens next.

I've been grinning (even more than usual) all day.

What other great mystery will be solved?


Last Night....

Last Night

I went to a party put on by the Degenerate Art Ensemble.
They're a local band/art/performance group. The idea was that it was the first day or school at Degenerate Catholic High School. They had cheerleaders, priests and nuns, school counselors, a marching band (that played klezmer music!) and performances by Ensamble members and various affiliated groups and musicians.

Stu played with Seattle School (which grew out of the Young Composers Collective and produced the Iron Composer series) and members of Klaang! an improve percussion group he sometimes does performs with.

In between the music acts there were appearances by the Principal, "Mr. Hardman" and various faculty members and teachers. They also played musical chairs (Pure chaos!) and Speed Spelling Bee, in which you could buy a ticket to become a contestant. Participants were paired up and had to slug a shot of rotgut whiskey and spell as many words as given to them in a minute.

There was also the aerialists (the DHS gymnastic team) and you could pay to have people thrown into 'detention' for various fake offenses...where they'd get spanked with a ruler...and a concession stand that sold candy, fish crackers and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Outside they had a fake living room with a working TV and VCR. And a dunk tank where you could dunk marching band members or faculty...$5 for three tries.

Once people got drunk, things got more and more surreal...there was this really tall, pretty girl, wasted or high on something that kept crashing into people, dancing and falling down and climbing on things...it was like she was indestructible! She came out of the porta potty with her skirt hiked up above her waist (most of the women there were dressed like Catholic schoolgirls) and stood there for several minutes before someone reminded her to pull it back down.

We left at two, but Weez was drunk so Tyrone drove her home while Stu and I followed...what a day! Tomorrow I go to see the Cherry Poppin' Daddies!


The Way It's Been Lately

The Way It's Been Lately

So I rolled out of bed this morning at the behest of Keisha, who's meowing incessantly at me. I was up late the night before websurfing and reading (finished "The Moor's Last Sigh" and started Palahniuk's "Diary"). Since Jason's out of town, I figured Keisha was out of food, so I groggily made my way upstairs check her bowl. On my way past the bathroom (where everybody in this household goes poo) I notice that Ryan has moved the catbox outside.
Keisha's dish is almost empty so I filedl it and changed her water. But she's not interested in food, she wanted outside. So I let her out.

I returned to my room, where I briefly consider going back to bed, but I'm awake now. I sometimes use the game "Bejeweled" as an alertness test, so I play a couple of games and get my highest score ever (165500)! I'm awake enough to drive, I reckoned.
The weather was looking kinda iffy, but it seemed to be clearing up. Lately, I've had a Craving for baked goods. Today, I wanted nothing more than a mocha and a bigass chocolate chip cookie. So I get showered an dressed, throw my book in a messanger bag and head off to find "Flour," a bakery that supposed to be somewhere around 60th and Phinney. As I was leaving, Keisha ran into the house.
I rode out to the intersection and don't see anything resembling a bakery...so I turned around, gassed up a nearby filling station and figured I'd head to Candles, a nice little coffee joint not far from where I used to live with Laura.

It wasn't crowded at all, being that it wase around 2PM. I ordered a Black Forest Ham sandwich on sourdough, their special Orange Brandy Latte and a huge chocolate chip cookie. As I ate, I leafed through an issue of Time magazine and evesdroped on the conversations around me. It had turned into a warm, pleasant day.
After finishing off my food, I pack up and head out. As I sat on my bike, I notice the seat is a bit lower than I remembered...weird. Ah, shit! The tire's flat!
As I was texting Melanie, calling Tracy and Tess and swearing under my breath, this young fella comes over and asks me if I need help. Something about the guy seems off and I didn't see him pull up in a flatbed truck, so I tell him no.
I called Lake City Powersports and asked 'em if they can fix it, but they tell me that it's too late in the day for anyone to work on it now. So since it's easier to get home from where I was, I decided to come out early tomorrow and have the bike towed then. This is going to cost me some dough! I'll be lucky if it's only $250...I'm pissed, but it could've happened at any time...and at least I wasn't bombing down the road at 50+ mph like the last time I got a flat!

I go to catch a bus home. But since school just let out, the first bus is crowded with rowdy school kids. I let that one pass and caught the next one. I transfered downtown and get home. I head straight to the computer room to check my messages...and I kick off my boots and socks to relax. I've already rescheduled my happy hour date with Tess and Ms. B, and I'm wondering what I should do with the rest of my evening.

I got up to get a glass of water and as I entered the hallway, my foot grazed something...wet.
Aw, no. Keisha crapped...IN MY ROOM!!
After pushing her outside, I cleaned like a madman. Then burnt some incense to kill the bleach smell. My plans for the evening are shot.

I hope this is bad as it gets.


The Aftermath...

The Aftermath...

Melanie is back in CO and we had an amazing time. We went to Bumbershoot, Pike Place Market, The People's Republic of Fremont, visited friends in Bremerton, did the first Thursday Art Walk, wandered Broadway, visited coffee shops and pretty much spent every day together while she was here.

It was wonderful!

Mel is warm, funny, sexy, sassy and cool. It was nice to hang out with someone who loves motorcycles, music and food as much (more than?) as I do. She came up with the idea to paint my GPZ with black truck bed liner rather than flat black paint and she and I spent two days sanding and painting. Once I get the front wheel back, I'll have a really cool 'stealth bike'.
We kicked around the idea of getting married and raising Kawasaki's...but since I live in Seattle and she's in Denver AND Johnny 2X and I got laid off from work last week (not enough scanning work coming in) either something is telling me to go for it, or keeping me in place for now.
Melanie was thinking about moving here, but she just got a promotion and she's helping her family out, so she can't go either.

Thing is, she's only been gone a day and I miss her...

I'm going to visit her for her birthday in November. Maybe things will be clearer then.

Last night, my "swim buddy" Jay and I met up with Tess, Stu and Rachel, Elmer, Eugene, Scott and Cindy for my "Laid Off" party at ZigZag. I decided I was only going to have "girly" drinks: I had a Cosmo, Lemondrop, Pink Squirrel, Chinese Cocktail, Midori Sour, Grape Nehi, a shot of Herradura Silver, and a glass of Pernod.
Aside from swaying a bit when I stood up, I felt fine.
Then Jay, Eugene, Elmer and I went to Chinatown to eat.
Jay was so hammered that I wound up driving us home. Then he puked in my yard and had to crash on my couch...

Tonight I'm going to catch Jeremy Ellis at The Baltic Room. He's playing here as part of the Decibel Festival. Here's the flyer:

Then I hit the pavement looking for a job (or two). Wish me luck!




No...not me...!
I haven't posted in awhile as the last couple of weeks were pretty busy. I guess the biggest news is that El Stu and Rachel are now husband and wife and that the wedding went swimmingly! Tyrone broke down during the ceremony and set just about everyone off...'cept me, Don and Neil 'cause we're Stone Cold P i m p s...
I took some pics with my camera phone and posted them on my Flickr page. And here are Frito's and James'. I'm hoping the 'official photos' will appear soon!
And that night I ran into Tabitha, who informed me that she got hitched the day before, although the official wedding is in Italy early next month.
Geez, what's wrong with all these people?!
Actually, I'm quite happy for my friends. They fit together well and I expect them to carry on into their dotage together.

So, now what? Well, my friend Melanie will be visiting from Colorado. She gets here on Friday. We're planning to hit Bumbershoot (Sunday looks like the best day to me) and I'm hoping I can show her a good time.

It's hard to believe the summer is almost over...and it was a good one! I wonder what next year will bring?


In the Can

In The Can.

Another year older.

It was a good weekend. There were several birthdays this weekend. Renee, Tyrone, Rachel, Laurie, Richelle, Peter and I all got a year older over the last few days. On Friday I went out with Frito, Carey, Doug, Greg and Ryan to The Mercury, a local private goth/industrial club. We shot the shit and drank astonishingly cheap booze and watched the Death Babies dance. Good times.

Saturday was my more or less 'official' birthday party. A bunch of the gang met up at Barca and everyone proceeded to buy me drinks...and I drank 'em. I got a bag o' goodies from Rachel, a Johnny Hartman disc from El Stu and a copy of Fear and Loathing in America from Tess.

On Sunday, Tracy took me to Salty's on Alki (quite possibly the best brunch in the state) and we stuffed ourselves. She also hooked me up with a really nice stained glass piece she made herself, and a George Clinton disc and a denim shirt, too!

So To all my peeps who hooked me up or send along good wishes for my birthday:

Carey, Monique, Patty, Doug, Ryan, Greg, Marcia, Scott, Cindy, Richelle, Rachel, Tracy, Tess, my swim buddy Jay, Matt, Sky (thanks for the 'fruity drink' phoar!), Jerel, Melanie, Aaron, Dorinda, Tina, Laurie B. & The Metachat posse...THANK YOU!!


Fear and Loathing...?!

Fear and Loathing...?!

So, we took El Stu to Las Vegas last weekend. We got to SeaTac a bit later than expected and Stu got pulled aside for a 'closer inspection' when one of his rings set off the metal detector. They told us they were about to shut the door when we finally came steaming in.
Otherwise the flight was uneventful (and nothing went wrong for once!)
We took a limo to the hotel and once we hooked up with James (on a separate flight) we went to get some food in one of the hotel restaurants.
I won't bore you with all the details, but we spent most of the time there wandering around, gambling a bit (James and Frito played poker - I played slots) and we took in a show (La Femme) and went to the obligatory strip club (yawn!).
Vegas looks a bit different than the last time I was there, just a couple of weeks shy of ten years ago. Just like a lot of things, it's bigger and cleaner...
The week before the trip, I'd been reading a lot about the state of everything. The War(s), Peak Oil, Environmental degradation and the possible end of Civillization As We Know It and then I found myself in the place that pretty much defines "Bling," wondering just how much money I'd need to have the ultimate 'Vegas Experience'...what it'd be like to be the Great Black Whale.
Nonetheless, too much food, a cigar, the booze, the feeling of displacement and the August desert heat made me feel sluggish and dull. I'd somehow hurt my back and it hurt to breathe. And it all seemed so absurd: Here we were taking our good friend out to celebrate his marriage to one of the most beautiful, kind and sweet women I know by going to look at naked women...(don't get me wrong, I generally approve of looking at naked women...I guess it was the context...or is that the pretext?) I think managed to have a good time, but I felt mildly out-of-sorts since then. I suppose I just need more sleep!

So there you have it.

As for this weekend, I turn 39 on Sunday. We're meeting for drinks at Barca on Saturday night!
I might also be out with my wingman, Jay and the Westsiiide Posse Friday night.

BTW-Matt Blake. a friend of mine, fell off a balcony in a tequila-related incident, landing on his head! (fuck!) Anyway, he's in Harborview, heavily sedated while they try to assess the brain damage. Matt and his fiance Margaret were supposed to get married soon. So if you can take a few seconds out to send some positive vibes or a prayer their way, it would be much appreciated.



So It Begins...

So It Begins...

Tonight is Stu's Seattle bachelor party. We're gonna meet and have some drinks up at the Twilight Exit, then if the fella wanna drag out somewhere they can.
One of his high school buddies got married today and he's going to the wedding, so hopefully everyone will show up around the same time.

I'm taking off now.

Next weekend is our big trip to Vegas!
Rachel got us tickets to La Femme...I think this was a way for us to see boobies -- but not too close up.

Shrewd yin, she is.


Chad and Ylana's Wedding

Chad and Ylana's Wedding.

It was really nice.
They were crackin' me up though. I kept saying, "This is the slackest wedding evar!"

I'd been pestering Chad for weeks. "Dood, what do you need? Where do I need to be?? When???"
And he'd get this sheepish grin and give me a really vague answer.

So a couple of weeks ago, he emails me and asks what shirt size I wear. I assume we're dressing up so I give him neck size, sleeve length, etc. Then he writes me back and says that he meant like L, XL, XXL. Turns out we're wearing Cuban-style shirts and black slacks.

So I go over there for dinner (there was no rehearsal) on Saturday and we're asking Chad what time he wants us at the park. He's like, "I'll be there at noon...but I dunno about you guys."
So we ask Ylana and she's no better. So Dave suggested 2:30.

We get there and spend the next few hours standing around as the guests arrive...it was held outside at the State Park in Pt. Gamble. Quite lovely, actually. It was a semi-traditonal Jewish wedding (Chad's not Jewish, and I don't think Ylana practices) We didn't figure out what we were supposed to do until shortly before we did it...
Chad was pretty nervous, but greeting everyone and talking to all the relatives kept him pretty distracted.

The ceremony itself was simple and really sweet. They brought a cloth (made by Y's grandmother) suspended by four poles, each held by a friend or family member. The cloth was to resemble the home they were making for each other. Chad waited for Y there and she walked out by herself. The look she had on her face was indescribable...a mixture of joy, fear, love.

Anyway, they had a local musician officiate and a family member from Y's side blessed some wine and they drank it. Then the official did his thing, soliciting a verbal promise from all of us to support the union. Then Y's father (a really sweet, intense fella) gave a short speech about how marriage meant the couple was holy to one another...that the holiness of things is like the Dao, it's what makes a melody more than a sequence of notes, or a home more than four walls and a roof.

Then Chad and Ylana had to give an impromptu speech about what they meant to each other. Chad had been fretting about it and I couldn't hear everything he said, but Ylana looked like she was going to burst from pure joy. She stammered a bit when her turn came, but she told him she'd always be there for him and that she'd be his home.

Then they did seven blessings, each from friends and family members. Had more wine, kissed, then stomped on a glass...and that was it!

The food was excellent...but I had to leave a bit early 'cause I wanted to get home before it got super late.
As it was, I got home around midnight.

Pics are up on my Flickr page.


Meatfest 2006!

Meatfest 2006!

It was a raging success!

I got to Robert's house around 7PM Friday night. Jay and Jason had been setting up and doing prep work since 9AM that morning.
The ribs and briskets were already on the grills and the whole backyard smelled like roasting meat.
There was only so much to be done, so Robert, his fiance Kelly, Jason, Jay and I basically sat around drinking, smoking, watching thermometers and cracking each other up!

Anyway, we all went to bed around 2AM. I was on the couch and Jay and Jason were sleeping in hammocks in the back yard. We'd already gotten the 8 slabs of ribs off the grill and were waiting for the brisket to finish. At about 6AM, Jay wakes me up and hands me a tiny sliver of meat. It was HEAVENLY! Perfectly smoked and seasoned with just a bit of fat...*sigh*

We spent the rest of the day setting up and prepping the lamb (soaked in buttermilk and stuffed with whole garlic cloves and rosemary), stuffed ham (fresh basil, feta cheese and garlic) and chicken (rubbed with herbed kosher salt, lemon zest and cooked whole with a can of beer stuffed in it).

Our friends started showing up around 3 and somehow we managed to get everything warmed up (the ribs had to have sauce applied) and finished on time. I personally sliced up half the ribs and most of the brisket...and to make sure my hard work got rewarded I got in line (in front of some jokers already working on seconds!) and got ribs, lamb and brisket, but by that time, the salmon and chicken were long gone...

Poor Jay was so busy socializing and overseeing things, that the only thing he got to eat was the last 5 slices of brisket. By the end of the night, the only thing left out all that meat (easily over 100lbs) and the dozens of side dishes were some kumamoto oysters that his best friend Elmer had brought.

We had something like 85 people show up...and I am beat!!

(Frito's pics are here.)




I haven't updated in awhile, partially 'cause I've been busy but also 'cause that pic of Tess causes me to giggle every time I look at it. If you know her, you know it's spot on.
My friend Mel (who doesn't know her) asked if she's that beautiful in person and I responded, 'Yes. And she smells wonderful!"

I'd planned to stay in and get some rest over the long weekend, but it was not to be. I went to a BBQ at Stu's on Saturday, then to Mercedes' birthday party. On Sunday, I saw the new Superman movie with Stu and Rachel. On Monday, I helped my mother move into her new place, that night I went to dinner at Frito and Cindy's, then the three of us caught AC Lewis, Rebecca West, Kid Hops and DJ Riz at the Baltic Room. Then on Tuesday, Stu, Rachel, Maria and I attended Christina and Dan's wedding and then caught both fireworks displays from the roof of Tabitha's condo building.

I'm beat.

Anyway, it's summa and it's the Birthday and BBQ season. Frito, Patty, Liz, J-Justice, Heidi, Jake and Tabitha all had birthdays recently. Neil, Marcus, George & Derek's are coming up. Mercedes had a birthday AND got engaged! I'm really happy for her!

Saturday is Frito and Jake's B-day bash BBQ and Chad's bachelor party. The following week is Jay's MEATFEST 2006.

Then Chad gets married. Then Stu's bachelor party in Las Vegas. Then Peter, Richelle, Renee, Tyrone, Rachel and I will have birthdays during the second weekend in August. Hopefully me little bruddah will be here to visit! Then Stu and Rachel tie the knot...

It's hard to believe that in just a couple of months, we'll be rushing headlong into the cold and dark season again...but the nice thing is that (for the most part) everyone is healthy and doing OK, if not fuckin' excellent...two of my bestest guy friends are making a life change and two other couples I know will be greeting their firstborns soon.

If this is now I'm gonna spend my energy, then bring it on!





So I went down to the Cretin's clubhouse on Thursday 'cause a) they were meeting there and b) "RhinoViper" from Denver (and the UTMC) was in town and wanted to hang out with some of us Seattle bikers. I got there and was (re) introduced to some of the fellas and had a few beers.
Bob the Junkman, Micah, Chops, Jason and some of the others showed up. There were two monitors, one playing old Isle of Man and Moto GP races and the other was "The Cycle Savages" and "The World's Fastest Indian."
I was in a good mood 'cause I've finally gotten the GPZ (AKA The Road Bike) running again. Turned out that the ground wire had somehow gotten stripped, shorted and broke. I had been digging around looking for loose wires and whaddyaknow? I twisted the two parts back together again and wrapped the whole think in electrical tape. Plopped in the freshly charged battery and she started right up! I've been riding it around ever since.
Anyway, Danelle was really freakin' cool. Her boyfriend is stationed at Ft. Lewis is about to ship out for a 3 year tour in Germany, so she came out from Denver to see him. Being the hardcore SV650-riding babe she is, she put up a post on the UTMC board looking for the "Seattle Contingent" (The UTMC doesn't have chapters, it's the anti-motorcycle club motorcycle club). Smokey and I responded and it was all good.
I dragged my sick ass out of bed on Friday and went to work. On returning home I realized I'd left my keys at the office. Fortunately, Johnny stayed late and Kim said he'd be there another half hour! I bump started the GPZ (the Drifter key was downtown) and got there in time to grab 'em. Then I met Maria, Oani, Jay, Neil and Renee at the Twilight Exit for beers and Nachos.
On Saturday, I rolled down to my sister's house in Tacoma for my middle nephew's graduation. Luke is a good kid and my mom and aunt's all showed up. The ceremony was held at the Tacoma Dome. I ran into a old coworker from my insurance days.
On returning home, I was trying to rally to go to The Baltic Room to catch SunTzu's monthly, but Tess and I talked and we decided to hang out at her house. She and I got caught up then wandered across the street to Laurie and Barcus' place. We sat on the deck and listen to a funk show on KGRG, drinkin' and smokin'. Then Tess went home to sleep and Laurie and I went into the basement and played records until I left around 1AM.
I woke up around 9 on Sunday and went over to Frito's. We watched the first half the Frace v. S. Korea match, then went out to Frye's. I bought some new headphones for my Creative Zen and Frito checked out some parts for his new computer. I got home and realized I was dead. effin. tired. I went to bed around 6, woke up at 9, chatted online until 10 or so, then went back to bed.
All in all...a good weekend.

Tonight I'm going to The Baltic to catch my friend Ryan's DJ set. The legendary Gregory Isaacs is at Chop Suey tomorrow night, but I may have band practice...




I'm tired. I left work on Friday, came home, showered and got dressed for Matt and Kim's wedding reception. Jay came by and picked me up. We rolled out to the beach house at Golden Gardens. It was a lovely evening. Cloudy, but the sun was glorious as it slowly dived towards the horizon.
As usual, the beach was packed and the air was filled with the smell of bbq.
We made our way into the party, just as the waitstaff was collecting all the food...
So Richelle, Jay and I had some cupcakes and shot the shit with Dante, Kim, Kiyo, Matt, Kim, Peter and some other Photodisc people that were there. We talked the waitstaff into hooking us up with some food too!
After the sun went down, we helped pack everything up and headed up to Matt and Kim's brilliant house in North Beach. I had to get back though, 'cause my new band, Blue Star Creeper was playing a gig at The Blue Moon. Jay dropped me off at home, I changed clothes and walked in right as the first band was packing up. I watched most of BSC's set and then joined them for the last three songs.
Porter Harp was on next. He and the lead singer in BSC were in a band together years ago. I worked with Porter at PhotoDisc so I really wanted to catch his set. It was some really cool stuff...like Phish, but not as 'jammy'.

The next day, I was picked up by Liz and Jessi as our friend Rebecca was graduating from the UW. We got into Husky Stadium (my first time!) and cheered as Becca walked in with Bachelor of Science kids. William Ruckelshaus gave the commencement speech and it was a pretty awesome one too! Not what I was expecting from a guy who'd worked for Nixon and Regan. He told the graduates that his generation had left them some "pretty big messes to clean up" and cited a pretty "liberal" sounding list. He was booed a bit when he called the Iraq War unjustified, but he got way more applause. Some of us (myself included) gave him a standing ovation!
After getting out of the clusterfuck of traffic around the U., Liz, Jess and I went to the Twilight Exit for beer and nachos. Then we took the ferry to Bremerton.
We hung out for a bit, then met Rebecca at The End Zone, but the place was dead. Turns out there's a new bar in Pt. Orchard called Mako's Bar and Grill. So off we went!
I won't bother to describe Mako's...I suggest you go yourself. Depending on how you like to have a good time, you could have a lot of fun there....or not. It was worth it, just to watch the mating dance and all the latest club bangers, though they could use a real DJ...y'know - with actual turntables.
I crashed on the couch and the next morning had coffee and cigs with Liz while we sat on the back porch and absorbed the day. I caught the 12:35 boat home.
It was a crackin' day. So after a shower I called Frito and rolled out to his place. He'd just gotten back from surfing. We watched the Netherlands v. Serbia/Montenegro and several episodes of "Arrested Development".

I got to bed around midnight.

BTW- If you click here you can download mp3's of The Visitors, which was me, Matt, Stu and Andy. This stuff was recorded at three different sessions in two different studios between '94 and '97. We didn't know anybody in the scene or how to promote ourselves, but I daresay the performances are actually better than on the Fey Ray album.

There's a earlier verions of "I Wanna Be New and Perfect" that has a killer pick slide, which IMO makes the damn song!

Anyway, I'd love to get y'alls feedback on it. And if you didn't already know, Fey Ray is no more. Matt's getting his Masters and learning Arabic, Seth's doing solo stuff and playing with The Graze and Rosyvelt and Adam has his jazz group and is awaiting his firstborn.

Thanks to all who came out and supported us, bought CD's or gave us encouragement over the last five years. I had a blast!




Wahgh = Two stawberry juice/Japanese vodka drinks, three Maritime Nightwatch, a pint and a half of Frito's homebrew and three cans some malt beverage whose name I can't remember.
There were three crying females, a shitload of records spun, 40+ miles put on the bike. I'm broke, single and exhausted...but strangely calm.

I hope next weekend is chill.


Lip Service

Lip Service
(Elvis Costello)

You left the motor running.
But I know you're so attractive.
Getting in some sharp practice.
You better not do anything reckless.

But everybody is going through the motions.
Everybody is going through the motions.
Are you really only going through the motions?

Lip service is all you'll ever get from me.
Lip service is all you'll ever get from me.
Lip service is all you'll ever get from me.
But if you change your mind
you can send it a letter to me

Don't make any sudden movements.
These are dangerous amusements.
When did you become so choosy?
Don't act like you're above me;
just look at your shoes.

[Repeat bridge and chorus]

But if you change your mind
you can send it a letter to me
But if you change your mind
you can send it a letter to me
But if you change your mind
you can send a little letter to me


Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Tracy decided that we should visit her relatives cabin on Whidbey Island. So we went and picked up the key from her son's grandparents on Friday. We would've left that evening, but Jay's birthday is tomorrow, so we met up with him and a bunch of his friends at The Bush Garden for drinks and to watch some folks murder some pop songs. I never acheived the level drunken bravado that would allow me to get my ass up there (despite Tracy's urgings - I'm like: "I sing to you all the friggin' time! And only when will cause me to embarrass myself does it count! Just like a woman!!") Jay was feeling no pain when we left, but I imagine that a trip to the Honey Court for some food later made the transition back to sobriety a tad easier.
With all that out of the way, we got an early start and arrived at the cabin (more like a small beach house) Saturday afternoon. The view was quite lovely. We were told that the tide was going to be really low around noon the next day. We went for a quick jaunt to the beach. The tide was coming in, so we pretty much put on our jammies, packed the CD player (roughing it? Hardly.) and laid around. Tracy packed quite a bit of food. Devilled eggs, AriZona green tea (for me), chicken breasts marinated in various spices, fruit (yick!), potatoes, lemon bars (for me), eggs, onions, garlic, pineapple juice, club soda and a bottle of Stoli. I built a fire and tended the grill that evening. We had steak marinated in Kalbi sauce and corn on the cob. Then we got our drink on.
The next day, we rolled out of bed and finished breakfast as the tide was going out. Armed with shovels and a couple of buckets we trooped down to the beach. After a few false starts, I found that clams love to taunt you by squirting a jet of water into the air. I basically dug a couple of holes and spend an hour hauling the little buggers out of the ground, espousing my prowess as The Great Clamhunter S.
Tracy was gracious enough to entertain my delusions, but we did manage haul our limit out of the ground in a couple of hours. We also caught a crab, but since neither of us could remember how to tell a male from a female, we let it go!
Lemme tell ya, those clams were freakin' HUGE! A few of my captures we almost as big as my fist! Tracy said she preferred the smaller ones she called "steamers" 'cause they didn't need cleaning.
"Uh...Cleaning?!" I exclaimed.
"Yeah. I'm sure you don't wanna deal with all those guts."
Already, The Clamhunter's enthusiasm was on the wane...
Tracy steamed up a nice sized bowl with wine, garlic and onion. I had a few...there was huge bucket outside with rather huge butter and horse clams innit and frankly, I didn't know when we'd get around to eating them. So I decided that I'd take them back to the beach in the morning and set 'em free.
That night we watched "Pieces of April", "Life or Something Like It" and then I watched a really bad vampire flick that Patty gave me. "Pieces of April" was fucked-up in the way that families are sometimes, but we were both leaking water when it was over. "Life" was a typical chick-flick but it had Angelina Jolie innit, nuff said.
We spent a couple of hours cleaning everything up while pumping house music. I assume the clams I released back into the wild burrowed successfully into the sand, 'cause I didn't see a big flock of seagulls over the spot I'd left them.
Tracy joked that this weekend would make us or break us, but I counted that we spend most weekends together anyway. Why would this one be any different?



Long Post!

Long Post!

It was pretty killer week. Tracy and I went to catch a sold-out George Clinton at The Showbox on Tuesday. T. bought the tickets. She'd seen the Black Eyed Peas the night before!
The opening act, The Children of Production was pretty tight. Funk and rap with a bit of R&B. Turned out that one of the female rappers is Clinton's granddaughter. After their set, Clinton's band came on and got the crowd hyped, then the Man Hisself appeared and everyone went nuts.
I think everyone was a bit concerned at first, 'cause it's been rumored the George hasn't been doing too well lately. I was disappointed by his appearance at Bumbershoot a few years ago. He looked like he'd just gotten up from a nap! But as the night went on, he seemed to get more and more energized! They pretty much stuck to the hits and the packed, sweaty, dancing crowd loved it!
Me? Not so much. I dunno why, but it seemed like they played everything at 3/4 speed, which was fine for some songs, not so good for some others. "Flashlight" seemed to drag on FOR-EVER!
I'd had a long day, so I was ready to go by midnight...and Tracy actually had to work! So we bailed before the show was over.

On Thursday, Frito and I went to The Baltic Room to catch Domu at The Baltic Room. It was sparsely attended, but the SunTzu posse stepped things up a bit and Domu's set was pretty killer.

On Friday, Tracy and I bought ice cream and stayed in.

On Saturday, I went over to Stu and Rachel's to meet Rachel's parents. Suze, Tyrone, Neil and I were all there and we had a pretty good time. Tracy met me there on her new motorcycle, "Muzzy" and she and I went on a 40 mile ride around the city. T was such a little badass on her Ninja. That aftermarket muffler makes the coolest sound!
Later on, we went down the Baltic to hang out. SunTzu and Kid Hops (from KEXP) were spinning. I had a nice buzz on from the coconut rum and coke I'd been drinking at Tracy's, plus a couple of vodka collins at the bar.
However, upon leaving, I insisted on a Dick's run which resulted in me wolfing down three cheeseburgers and thus spending the day feeling like I'd swallowed a rock.

Today, I went a reunion of sorts.

You see, back in 1979 Seattle started mandatory bussing. I got assigned to McClure Middle School on Queen Anne Hill. The first year the tension was pretty intense. A lot of the Queen Anne kids were pissed that they wouldn't get to go to Queen Anne High School (where my cousin June got harrassed) like their parents and grandparents did 'cause after 9th grade, they'd get bussed to Franklin out in the south end. I think we were too young and innocent to carry any super-hardcore attitudes, after all, I went to school with whites and Asians anyway. But these north end kids were way more affluent. They had their own slang and rock n roll seemed like a religion to them. Nobody from my neighborhood skiied or played hockey. And Queen Anne was a pretty tightly-knit community, although WAY more blue-collar than it is now.
So there were the usual fights and bullshit, but nothing major. Anyway, Jim Briggs and I got to pals on the last day of school that year. It was like fourth period and we were allowed to hang out and shoot the shit, 'cause there was no work to do. I don't remember how we started talking, but I remember trying to change the lyrics to Jermaine Jackson's 'Let's Get Serious' to 'Let's Eat Cereral' or something silly like that.
I think Jim's father died in a car wreck some time after that. I might have seem him once over the summer. I went to visit my Dad in Atlanta that year.
We carried on our friendship throughout jr. high school. In ninth grade, Jim and I would leave campus (totally against the rules) and he would take me up to this little five and dime on Galer St. on Queen Anne Hill. He'd buy me a Hostess Fruit Pie and milk 'cause I never had any money.
Don Nelson was a gruff old Norwegian guy, OLD SCHOOL SEATTLE, big time. He was bald and wore plain black-framed nerd glasses. He and his brother Fred ran Nelson's Food Store and for some reason, all the kids in the neighborhood would hang out there. It was like our club house! We'd play video games in the back, or hang out in Don's office, drinking bottled Coke and causing trouble. For some reason, Don would put up with us! Well, most of the time. It was a love/hate relationship, I think.
I moved away for two years, but on coming back to town in the summer of 1984, Nelson's was one of the first places I went. Of course all the heads were there: Rick, Andy, Paul, Gary, Brian, The Devil, Eric, Chris, Jimmy, Bret and Adam, etc. along with a whole cast of people from the neighborhood. I hung out there up until Jim went into the Marines. By then, the crowd I was hanging with had changed.
Anyway, Don Nelson died a few weeks ago. I missed the funeral, but Andy wrote me and asked me if I'd like to get together with some of the guys and have breakfast.
We met at the High-Life in Ballard.
It was Andy, Paul, Jim and Jimmy - I don't think we'd all been together in over 20 years! It was weird, 'cause amidst all the thinning and gray hair and talk of wives and kids and the shit we used to pull during our teen years, I was floored by all the names that came up -- and that we'd hadn't really changed much at all. All the people I knew. I'd gone camping and drinkin' and played endless games of basketball with these guys. I hadn't thought about Don Nelson in all that time, either.
We piled into Andy's ancient Cadillac DeVille and rolled out to Don's grave in north Seattle. His headstone wasn't in yet, but we paid our respects (mostly imitating things he'd said) and then went to see Eric, who lives nearby. I carried a weird feeling home with me today. How long until I start going to my friend's funerals? I hope it won't be for awhile (especially since we're now on the second wave of marriages and childbirths), but it's enevitable, innit?

I think we'll all make more of an effort to keep in touch now.


Wig N Skirt Party

Wig N Skirt Party

Tonight is the (somewhat) annual Wig N Skirt Party, put on my former roommate Dan The Man.
I was over at the house last night and this one's gonna be a doozy!
I hope to see you there, but if not...too bad!

I'll post pics to my Flickr site sometime tomorrow.


Pics from past events (we didn't have one in '05):






It was a great weekend...I caught one of the DJ's from Jazzanova on Thursday. The Mecha/Mefi meetup Saturday was a lot of fun and probably the best one yet! I came in to work on Sunday and we rearranged the scanning room and blacked out the windows. Now it's nice and dark in there and the light isn't always shifting!

I was looking forward to Beltane with my B-town friends, but my mother called today to tell me my grandmother had passed away. I was kind of expecting this as she was in poor health and my mother told me she wasn't doing so good. But at least her children were there to say goodbye and until my mom and aunt's make arrangements, everything is on hold.
My grandmother would've been 92 years old. She had 10 children - 9 of which are still around. We're pretty much scattered all over the west, so even though the funeral will be a somber occasion, the gathering of the tribe will be nice.

Oh, and props to Steven Colbert for his big, clanging titanium balls!


The Weekend Ends Here.

The Weekend Ends Here.

I couldn't decide what I wanted to do Friday night, but then El Stu called and said that he, Rachel and James were going to On The Boards and then head over to Arthur and Julie's party in Beacon Hill.
I called The Frito and he and Cindy came and picked me up. We stopped in at Barca for a drink, then went over to the party. Stu never showed, bastard. But I did get to see Rob and his lovely wife Annie and the hosts of course. We milled around, drinking keg beer (the house was huge and coolasfuck, btw) and we eventually met a couple of nice ladies from the PDX, who are big geeks. So we talked about Buffy, Angel, Battlestar Galactica and all the other cool stuff on TV.
Tracy met me at the house and we held hands and read the cool parts of 2nd Thesslonians to each other (heh).

On Saturday T and I got up and went to breakfast at the Blue Star, then out to Bent Bike. I bought some gloves and T and I sat on a few bikes. The inventory was pretty beat though. We went up the street to Lynnwood Cycle Barn and she tried on a few more bikes and then decided that the Kawasaki Ninja 500 was the one for her. I suggested that we go to a Suzuki dealership so she could check out a SV650. She liked the bike but found the seating uncomfortable. Turned out that they had used Ninja 500, so she's thinkin' seriously about getting it!
After that we stopped by Trading Musician, where I sold my old Ampeg Portaflex amp.
Tracy went home and I spent the rest of the afternoon washing and polishing Bettie. Then I hopped on her and went down to The Pink Door for JR's birthday and burlesque show. We jammed into the lounge and watched Ruby Slipper, Indigo Blue and the Swedish Housewife do their thing. Tracy and her friends Kim and Meghan came down to join us. A good ol' time was had by all...

Today, T and I went to Dim Sum then I went on a 43 mile ride around town. I took some pics and posted some stuff on Flickr.
This comic (NSFW) cracked my shit up!

That is all.




The Elbow show on Tuesday was simply amazing! Guy Garvey seemed to be recovering from a cold (or perhaps fighting off one) 'cause he had trouble hitting a few notes, but his humor and showmanship (not to mention DAMN fine tunes) carried the day. There was much love from the packed house too.
Elbow and Coldplay are often linked in the music press, but I find that it's a VERY poor comparison. IMHO, the only band that seems to be anywhere close to them for mood/atmospherics and groove is the band Doves, who are actually good friends of theirs. I really liked Coldplay's first album, but they seem to be content writing rather lightweight (but deep-sounding) pop tunes, while Elbow is working on a whole different level. The show was a somewhat different experience than the records, 'cause the gorgeous backing vocals were missing, but even so "Fugitive Motel", "Switching Off" and "Powder Blue" gave me goosebumps.
They played a couple of songs I hadn't heard before, both badass...!
Patty, Angela, Laquita, Rachel, Stu and Tess were all present and we ran into Jason J. after the show.

I had plans to meet Jay down at The ZigZag Cafe on Friday. I decided to widen out the plans and invite more folks, so I sent out some emails. Then I heard from Rachel that El Stu had been (rather uncerimoniously, IMHO) laid off from his job - 13 years of service!

So then it turned into a party! Stu was pretty smashed by the time Jay and I got there.
Tracy came down and met my friends. Scott, Sarah, Renee, Oani, Tess and Shawn were all there.
Afterwards, some of us went up to The Alibi Room and continued drinking. There was a going-away party for a local DJ going on downstairs, so AC and Jason J. were in the house. I saw Plastiq Phantom and Michiko from IQU too!

The next night, Tracy and I went down to The Baltic Room to catch the inaugural of SAFARI, a new SunTzu night. Veteran Techno DJ/Composer John Beltram was in the house. Dan The Man showed up with a bunch of people I hadn't seen in yonks and Tracy and I danced together for the first time!

It is very gratifying to have your friends come up to you and tell you that your girlfriend is really cool...


Elbow Tomorrow!

Elbow Tomorrow!


BTW-I have a girlfriend! She lured me to her house Friday with promises of pizza, sex and strong drink. It became official around 10:24AM Saturday. Her name is Tracy, but since I know about 4 people with that name, I'm gonna refer to her as my Main Squeeze...or MS fer short. Or maybe Squeezy.

Anyway, Maximum RPM was a blast. I went to the show at Jules Mae's with Frito, Liz and JR then down to ride on Saturday. It rained all day and by the time we got to The Nightlight (BTW-it was totally badass riding through downtown in a block-long group of bikes) my ballistic nylon jacket was soaked and I was chilled to the bone.
So after a hot shower and a nap, Squeezy picked me up and we went down to the party at the clubhouse. We were joined by Frito and Cindy and we spent the night drinkin' beer and hanging out. I took a bunch of pictures, I hope to get them up on Flickr soon.




The Cretins Motorcycle Club is throwing a weekend long ride/party/ and all-around shindig with all procceds go to the injured rider fund. It is for a good cause and we hope we can have your support.


April 6-9

Thursday Night April 6
Rock Show benefit for Cretin Buzz who crashed on the ice and was hit by a car back in Dec. Buzz was rushed to Haborview and diagnosed with a broken pelvis, ribs, shoulder, and collarbone. He had to stay in H.B.V. for over a week. The kicker is, he was un-insured. His medical bills for this will be well over $100K.

Featuring : The Spazms, Scattergun, Rain City Shwillers -- Jules Maes Saloon (Jules Maes Saloon is located on the corner of Airport Way South and Nebraska in Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood.)(206) 957-7766 http://www.julesmaessaloon.com/

Friday night April 7
Cretin Club House ( 1600 E. Marginal way south )
Friday Night Poker
Contact maximumrpm@cretins.org or reply to ad to sign up.

SAT. April 8
Meet at Cretin Clubhouse ( 1600 E. Marginal way south )
Saturday Ride In The Country
Ride Starts at Noon
Party Afterwards at clubhouse 5PM


Sunday April 9th
Hangover Breakfast
Meet at 10AM at club house ( 1600 E. Marginal way south )
Follow the BellaDonnas Scooter Club to Brunch


This Will Be Our Year

This Will Be Our Year

I went to a Metafilter meetup on Wednesday and hung out for quite awhile. Everyone was really friendly and fun. We got a buzz on, did some shoutouts and had some food. I met some new people and saw some others I hadn't a long time...good times, good times.
On Friday, Frito and I went to see his latest Blue Disguise signing The Emergency down at the Croc, but I was broke and they were on first (thought we'd get on the list). So we had a warm MGD (yick!) and walked down to the hotel where Cindy works and had a few with her and her friends. Which was...interesting to say the least.
On Saturday I met up with Tracy for coffee...which turned into beers...which turned into dinner at one of my favorite Thai food joints. I came home for awhile, then hopped the ferry to Southworth and hung out with some of the Westside posse. It was Miss Kim's birthday and she got some really neat presents. Spanish soap, a watch and a comb for her hair, a notebook and a really nice electric guitar! I guess she'll be taking lessons soon.
I hung out with Tracy again on Sunday, then met up with Kathleen in Ballard for chai & cupcakes, then we caught the new Spike Lee Joint. VERY good movie...probably one of the best 'crime genre' movies I've seen in ages. I'll have to watch it again to catch some of the stuff I missed.
K. and I parted ways after the flick and I met Stu at my house. We got some really bad deli food at Safeway, then went to Frito's for movie night. We watched a couple of short documentaries that Laurie had produced for The Seattle Channel and PBS. Then Stu pulled out the Short Films of David Lynch...I was unimpressed. So much so, that I fell asleep on Cindy.
All-in-all a good week. And there a good things on the horizon. As I was walking home from the bus stop today, I thought, "This is gonna be a good year."

I can feel it, yo.


Quotidian Riddims...

Quotidian Riddims...

I haven't updated in awhile. We have connection problems at home (Grrr. Comcast!) and frankly -- there's not a lot to write about at the moment.
Spring has arrived and the trees and plants are blooming. It feels as though a huge weight is off my shoulders and I look forward to hitting the road. It was really nice last Sunday, so I took my Drifter out for a couple of hours, then stopped in and El Stu's and hung out with him and Rachel.
On Monday, after much haverin', I went and caught part of Richard Hawley's set at The Tractor Tavern. If you didn't take my earlier advice and go to his website, I think you should check out his set at the KEXP studios...it was sublime.
I got tickets or Elbow's gig at The Showbox April 11. Patty and Angela will be coming along and I'm hoping Tess and the McLeod's will be there as well.
Tonight is a Metafilter gathering at The Elysian. I'm hoping I can get Scott Bwoy to hang out with me.
Yesterday was Adumb's birthday and Oani's is on the 25th. Congrats to you both!

P.S. I asked Carla and the guy on my bus is NOT Nick Licata...just looks a lot like him. Ah well.




I just realized that the quiet guy who catches the bus with me every morning is none other than Seattle City Council member Nick Licata.
I wondered why he was at this year's Carlapalooza, turns out she's his legislative assistant.





Everything is cruising right along, for the most part. Of course change is all around, but since most of it is the logical progression of things, I can't get to bent out of shape over it.
It's like watching your garden grow in strange, unpredictible and wonderful ways.
I've been groovin' (as per usual) on the slowly lengthening days and the cherry and apple tree blossoms. Most of the trees and spouting leaves and there's been a few days in the last week where all the mountains were out...and it was ossem!
Work has been steady and quiet...although I suspect that may change in the next week or so. I spent the weekend celebrating Tess' 32nd birthday (geez, it's been ten years!) and hanging out with my former co-worker Beau and his wife, who were visiting from Eugene for a friend's birthday.
Last Saturday was kinda nice, so I bundled up and hopped on the GPZ. I went to Bent Bike up in Lynnwood and bought a headlight bracket, and some fork-mounted turn signals. Came home and took the cheesy, 80's-lookin' front fairing off the GPZ and remounted the headlight and added the new turn signals.
I'm totally in love with the change. The big square headlight gives the bike a much more 'mechanical' look, although I've sacrificed the little wind protection I had. Still, the bike looks more Mad Max or streetfighterly now and I love it!
There's a good chance it'll be clear for awhile on Saturday...maybe I'll take her out on the highway and see if I can do The Ton!


You Wanna Know Why?

You Wanna Know Why?

I Don't Mind At All
Bourgeois Tagg

The time for talking's over now
I guess it's time to let you go
But I don't, no, I don't mind at all
It`s getting so you never know
When things are better left alone
But I don't, no, I don't mind at all
It's important to me
That I don't see you laughin' at me
But I'm smart enough to know
That I have to let you go
But I don't mind at all
Sentimental tears will get you
Far as you might think they will
But I don't, no, I don't mind at all
Misery loves company
But she will never foot the bill
But I don't, no, I don't mind at all
It`s important to me
But I don't see you laughin' at me
But I'm smart enough to know
That I have to let you go
But I don't mind at all
Several years ago I said goodbye to my own sanity
But I don't, no, I don't
No, I don't mind at all

That's Why.




The bus ride downtown was rather uneventful. He sat in his usual spot in the back staring into space, Radiohead's second album blasting in his ears. As the bus descended down Capitol Hill, a young woman boarded that caught his attention.
She had on a expensive-looking cream-colored overcoat and brown pumps. Olive skin. Big dark shades covered her eyes and she had on bright red lipstick and curly, "JF hair." The overall effect was stylish, retro and a bit mysterious, like a femme fatale in a Fellini movie.
He thought she's probably opt for one of the seats up front, but instead she confidently marched to the back and sat next to him, crossing her long bare legs.
Everyone else on the bus was bundled up in scarves, boots, heavy coats, gloves and dark, muted colors.
Then it occurred to him. "She's the Herald of Spring!" He smiled.

The Doldrums are over...


Richard Hawley

Richard Hawley

I heard about this guy from a site I frequent. The music is in a similar singer/songwriter style like Elvis Perkins but there's a Roy Orbison vibe there too. Check out "Precious Sight" it shore is purty!


Elvis Perkins

Elvis Perkins

I heard a really great song, "Ash Wednesday" on KEXP by singer/songwriter Elvis Perkins. I was moved to write him and tell him how much I enjoyed the tune and he wrote me back! How cool is that?!!
I guess his album won't be out for awhile, but you should go to his site and check out the mp3 streams he's got up.


Randomage 13:13

Randomage 13:13

It had been a pretty uneventful week, though the middle of it was busy. We got a small job in and we've been moving around some stuff. I guess we're going to be expanding soon. My major accomplishment that day was putting together a desk from Ikea! I had lunch with Stu and one of the fellas at work had brought in some rum, so I had a snort late in the afternoon.
After I got home, Liz, JR and Kim came over to pick me up. We had dinner at LaSpiga and then went out to Greg's house for Doug's birthday party.
We were early, so we geeked out to the expanded version of Dune and made mixed drinks, eating whatever the fellas managed to heat up (I guess the stove didn't work that well?) and occasionally going out to the back porch to smoke menthols and bitch about how cold it was. All in all, a good time.

I woke up at 7AM (after going to bed around 2 or 3) and lay in bed listening to "Eat the State" on KEXP. I promised myself that I wouldn't get up until at least 11, so after awhile I drifted off again. After a while I got up and called Frito. I asked him if he'd eaten and if he was interested in going out to "Geek Heaven" 'cause I needed a new hard drive. He told me that he'd had cake for breakfast, but Cindy was still sleeping, so he was sure she'd be hungry. So I got washed and dressed, then (for reasons that escape me) I decided that it would be a good time to clean the chain on my GPZ, so I got the WD-40 and a rag and started messing with that. It was a clear but chilly day, but it felt good to be in the sun anyway.
I got to Frito's awhile later and Cindy was up and ready to go. We piled into the Mini and decided on Red Robin's for lunch. SouthCenter was a clusterfuck and I was amazed that just about every parking lot was full. We got in and out of Red Robin pretty easily, I got an 100GB Maxtor for $60 and we wandered the store for awhile, looking at laptops, monitors and iPod accessories. Cindy bought us coffee.
I went home and swapped the HD, reinstalled Windows XP and read, coming into my computer room to push appropriate buttons or restart when needed. Frito came over around 9:30 and we headed to the Baltic Room. It was CARNIVAL '06 with the Sun|Tzu Posse - broken beats, BossaBazillian sounds and lots of pretty girls. Tess was supposed to be there, but she didn't make it, which was a bit of a letdown, because I'd been thinking about her all day for some reason and when she called to ask if I was going, I thought maybe all would be made clear. However, LaQuita (AKA The Chocolate Goddess) and some other hotties sat and chatted with us, which kinda made up for it. I also was introduced to Kid Hops (he hosts Expansions (with Riz and MASA) and Positive Vibrations on KEXP and works with Scott), he's a heck of a nice guy.
For some reason (maybe the booze talkin'?) I insisted on going to Jack In Box after we closed the joint, which led to:

I dreamt that I was downtown...I don't know why but in my dreams, downtown Seattle is always a much flatter and broader place. Criss-crossed with trolley tracks. I was downtown making my way somewhere and when I got to my house, this skinny kid was standing outside my house. The sounds of some kind of celebration could be heard and when I asked him what was going on, he grinned at me and said, "Fam'ly, man." In heavy Jamaican accent.
I went into the house and my aunts and mother were along with some old fat Russian guys.
"Come meet your uncle Dimitry!" my mother called.
Dimitry was a character straight out of Central Casting with a slightly gangsterish air about him (and a stained white seersucker suit). He was sweaty and pretty drunk. "Nice to meet you!" He said, crushing my hand. Then he ripped a huge fart and everyone laughed.


I think that was my last sourdough burger for awhile.

Not much. I rode to Fremont to the Sunday Market and wandered around. Had some Thai food and came home and spent the rest of the afternoon reinstalling programs and my bookmarks. Talked to Stu and Mercy and Jessi on the phone. Finished "A Storm of Swords." IM'd with Steve.


Elbow Interview

Elbow Interview

Pop Matters interview Elbow here.


Still Here...

Still Here...

I haven't updated in awhile, I guess I've been "busy." But I hope to find time to catch up with y'all soon!


A Drinkin' We Will Go...

A Drinkin' We Will Go...

Jessi was nice enough to send some pictures from my night out in Pt. Orchard week before last.
That was a swell evening...I basically drank whatever Liz handed me. And we watched the AFC and NFC Championships the next day while trying to recover.

I don't remember what JR is laughing about...ah well.

I vaguely recall dancing to "Gold Digger" with Kim.

Jessi was pretty beat when she woke up Sunday morning, as was Liz. However, we stopped by Jack In The Box on the way home and the proper application of salt and grease fixed me right up!

Good times...


You only get only get one chance for living,..

You only get only get one chance for living...

I have been super busy of late, I put in 9 hours of overtime Saturday and there's still a ton of work coming in. I may bitch some, but I could use the money -- Baby needs a new set of tires.
Otherwise, things are pretty good. My mother had a slight setback, a fever that kept her in the hospital longer than expected but she's out now and doing OK.
On Friday, a bunch of us went to see the Emerald City All-Stars at the Columbia City Cabaret. Columbia City was a pretty run-down neighborhood when I lived near there back in the day, but now it's rapidly become Fremont South. We could barely find parking and the bar and club were packed! I know burlesque is becoming chic again, but this was nuts!
Fortunately, I had a hookup through Cindy. Nothing like walking to the head of a line!
The theater is beautiful; I remember when the place was briefly a heavy metal club back in the mid 80's. Cindy tells me there's a recording studio in there too. The show featured Tamera the Trapeze Lady, Fancy Chance, Babette, Indigo Blue and The Swedish Housewife, I think I've seen just about all of them before at various venues around town. Afterward, Jay and I took off to a Thai restaurant downtown for his best friend's clothing line launch. Even though I didn't know anybody, everyone I was introduced to was super-friendly. Elmer was in high sprits, the place was packed and the only reason I didn't stay longer was because I had to work the next day.
And What A Fiasco That Was!!
It was lightly raining when I left home, which was cool -- I had my old motorcycle jacket and jeans on and figured it would be no big deal. I got to parking garage in time to avoid a huge, sudden squall...I mean, it was raining sideways! I got some coffee and a muffin and get to the office only to find I've left my other set of keys at home. Shit! I called both my roommates in hopes of catching them before they leave. If I can't get in the house, I'm totally screwed!
So I go back to the parking garage to get my bike, pay and ride home. It's raining pretty steadily now. I found that Jonathan got message and left the back door open. I grab my keys and go back downtown. My legs and shoes are pretty moist when I got back to the office...fortunately for me, the steam heat was working and I dried out pretty fast.
I worked until 8 or so, then called Scott and Cindy. Matt was over and they were playing poker. Scott wanted to borrow my battery charger for Cindy's bike and I felt like being social, so I went over and hung out.
Today I plan on taking my bike out for a spin before the next system comes in, I need some Pho and I haven't ridden my Drifter in a couple of weeks. And I need to do laundry, before I wind up putting in long hours and blowing it off.
This upcoming weekend is going to be crazy as Superbowl fever engulfs the town. If we win, I'll probably need to take Monday off or at least find another way into town from Bremerton, but if that's the least of my worries -- I'll take it!


Man...I'm Beat!!

Man...I'm Beat!!

I rolled out of bed at 5AM after a night of fitful sleep on Wednesday and rode by bike up to Providence. I was right on time. Mom was just coming out of the changing room and my aunt Barbara was there. We spent the next hour and a half watching as Mom got prepped for surgery. I sucked down the biggest Mocha I could find, 'cause I knew it was going to be a long day.
They sent my aunt and me down to the main lobby around 7:30...and there we sat.
After my aunt and I got all caught up, I basically spent most of the day reading (George R.R. Martin's "A Game of Thrones") and listening to tunes. Mom was supposed to be out of surgery around ten, but she wasn't until 12:30 or so. We kept waiting for someone to tell us something, but no one came or sent word, so we went up to her room at 2 and she was just waking up.
Anyway, turned out everything went OK. So I hung out for another hour or so and went home. I was exhausted.

On Friday, a bunch of my former Getty coworkers and friends met up at Zig Zag to celebrate Robert and Kelly's engagement. Bob and I talked motorcycles (of course) and had drinks. Frito came down and around 11 or so, Jay, Frito and I went out to Nectar for WORLDWIDE! I was pretty buzzed and even though Frito was buying, I had to turn him down so at least one of us could drive Jay's car when we got back to it. It was surreal, we're standing around on the patio smoking and I recall some guy coming up to me and telling me that he loved my band.
I remember we were talking about music and said something akin to, "Dude, even though I'm not really into Dave Matthews, the guy does occasionally say stuff I think is cool. I mean like -- he was talking about Chris Whitley (who died recently) and he said, 'Chris Whitley's story is one of the things I really don't like about this business. I hold the man's music in higher regard than my own.' That's fuckin' cool."
Anyway I sobered up enough to get Jay and I back here. Jay puked in the grass on the way in and passed out in a chair. I climbed into bed fully clothed and at least had the prescence of mind to set my alarm clock before zonking out. I guess Jay left around 4AM.

I got up Saturday at 8AM 'cause I wanted to get the oil and brake fluid changed in my GPZ before heading over to Bremerton to watch the Seahawks/Redskins game. I rode out to Lake City Powersports and dropped the bike off. Then I walked up Lake City Way until I could find a decent coffee shop. I bought a quadruple Mocha with a shot of raspberry and spent the next couple of hours reading and listening to "lite jazz" before heading back. The bike was ready, so I took the freeway downtown to get to the ferry. On the way, I had to pass within a couple of blocks of the stadium. It was already a festival atmosphere and I almost ran some jackass over, going until the viaduct.
I got to JR and Kim's about a half hour after the game had started. Liz was there too. We had pretty standard snacks and drank Corona. After the game was over Liz had to go to work, so me and shot the shit while Kim (wisely) took a nap. Later, I met them and Patty on the boat and we hung out during the hour-long crossing.
After getting food at Dick's and stopping by Margaret's, we finally made it until The Vogue. The tunes were OK, but I was dressed for biking, not clubbing and I was pretty tired. Oani came down and I spent most of the time holding the tables and drinking beer. After closing The Vogue, we walked over to The Mercury and hung out there until close to 4AM.
I got up around 11 today, went out and fixed the speedometer on the GPZ and then decided I wanted to go for a ride. This was the first dry weekend day in ages, so I threw my book in my pack and went down towards Frito's, then up and over Beacon Hill into Georgetown. Then I got up to about 70 on Airport Way heading south, then turned around and raced north. I got into the International District and decided I wanted Dim Sum.
Then I needed a nap. Stu and Rachel were hosting Movie Night, but I couldn't get out of bed for it...and I just got an email from JR saying that the plan next weekend is to go to Noc Noc...whoa.