A Drinkin' We Will Go...

A Drinkin' We Will Go...

Jessi was nice enough to send some pictures from my night out in Pt. Orchard week before last.
That was a swell evening...I basically drank whatever Liz handed me. And we watched the AFC and NFC Championships the next day while trying to recover.

I don't remember what JR is laughing about...ah well.

I vaguely recall dancing to "Gold Digger" with Kim.

Jessi was pretty beat when she woke up Sunday morning, as was Liz. However, we stopped by Jack In The Box on the way home and the proper application of salt and grease fixed me right up!

Good times...


You only get only get one chance for living,..

You only get only get one chance for living...

I have been super busy of late, I put in 9 hours of overtime Saturday and there's still a ton of work coming in. I may bitch some, but I could use the money -- Baby needs a new set of tires.
Otherwise, things are pretty good. My mother had a slight setback, a fever that kept her in the hospital longer than expected but she's out now and doing OK.
On Friday, a bunch of us went to see the Emerald City All-Stars at the Columbia City Cabaret. Columbia City was a pretty run-down neighborhood when I lived near there back in the day, but now it's rapidly become Fremont South. We could barely find parking and the bar and club were packed! I know burlesque is becoming chic again, but this was nuts!
Fortunately, I had a hookup through Cindy. Nothing like walking to the head of a line!
The theater is beautiful; I remember when the place was briefly a heavy metal club back in the mid 80's. Cindy tells me there's a recording studio in there too. The show featured Tamera the Trapeze Lady, Fancy Chance, Babette, Indigo Blue and The Swedish Housewife, I think I've seen just about all of them before at various venues around town. Afterward, Jay and I took off to a Thai restaurant downtown for his best friend's clothing line launch. Even though I didn't know anybody, everyone I was introduced to was super-friendly. Elmer was in high sprits, the place was packed and the only reason I didn't stay longer was because I had to work the next day.
And What A Fiasco That Was!!
It was lightly raining when I left home, which was cool -- I had my old motorcycle jacket and jeans on and figured it would be no big deal. I got to parking garage in time to avoid a huge, sudden squall...I mean, it was raining sideways! I got some coffee and a muffin and get to the office only to find I've left my other set of keys at home. Shit! I called both my roommates in hopes of catching them before they leave. If I can't get in the house, I'm totally screwed!
So I go back to the parking garage to get my bike, pay and ride home. It's raining pretty steadily now. I found that Jonathan got message and left the back door open. I grab my keys and go back downtown. My legs and shoes are pretty moist when I got back to the office...fortunately for me, the steam heat was working and I dried out pretty fast.
I worked until 8 or so, then called Scott and Cindy. Matt was over and they were playing poker. Scott wanted to borrow my battery charger for Cindy's bike and I felt like being social, so I went over and hung out.
Today I plan on taking my bike out for a spin before the next system comes in, I need some Pho and I haven't ridden my Drifter in a couple of weeks. And I need to do laundry, before I wind up putting in long hours and blowing it off.
This upcoming weekend is going to be crazy as Superbowl fever engulfs the town. If we win, I'll probably need to take Monday off or at least find another way into town from Bremerton, but if that's the least of my worries -- I'll take it!


Man...I'm Beat!!

Man...I'm Beat!!

I rolled out of bed at 5AM after a night of fitful sleep on Wednesday and rode by bike up to Providence. I was right on time. Mom was just coming out of the changing room and my aunt Barbara was there. We spent the next hour and a half watching as Mom got prepped for surgery. I sucked down the biggest Mocha I could find, 'cause I knew it was going to be a long day.
They sent my aunt and me down to the main lobby around 7:30...and there we sat.
After my aunt and I got all caught up, I basically spent most of the day reading (George R.R. Martin's "A Game of Thrones") and listening to tunes. Mom was supposed to be out of surgery around ten, but she wasn't until 12:30 or so. We kept waiting for someone to tell us something, but no one came or sent word, so we went up to her room at 2 and she was just waking up.
Anyway, turned out everything went OK. So I hung out for another hour or so and went home. I was exhausted.

On Friday, a bunch of my former Getty coworkers and friends met up at Zig Zag to celebrate Robert and Kelly's engagement. Bob and I talked motorcycles (of course) and had drinks. Frito came down and around 11 or so, Jay, Frito and I went out to Nectar for WORLDWIDE! I was pretty buzzed and even though Frito was buying, I had to turn him down so at least one of us could drive Jay's car when we got back to it. It was surreal, we're standing around on the patio smoking and I recall some guy coming up to me and telling me that he loved my band.
I remember we were talking about music and said something akin to, "Dude, even though I'm not really into Dave Matthews, the guy does occasionally say stuff I think is cool. I mean like -- he was talking about Chris Whitley (who died recently) and he said, 'Chris Whitley's story is one of the things I really don't like about this business. I hold the man's music in higher regard than my own.' That's fuckin' cool."
Anyway I sobered up enough to get Jay and I back here. Jay puked in the grass on the way in and passed out in a chair. I climbed into bed fully clothed and at least had the prescence of mind to set my alarm clock before zonking out. I guess Jay left around 4AM.

I got up Saturday at 8AM 'cause I wanted to get the oil and brake fluid changed in my GPZ before heading over to Bremerton to watch the Seahawks/Redskins game. I rode out to Lake City Powersports and dropped the bike off. Then I walked up Lake City Way until I could find a decent coffee shop. I bought a quadruple Mocha with a shot of raspberry and spent the next couple of hours reading and listening to "lite jazz" before heading back. The bike was ready, so I took the freeway downtown to get to the ferry. On the way, I had to pass within a couple of blocks of the stadium. It was already a festival atmosphere and I almost ran some jackass over, going until the viaduct.
I got to JR and Kim's about a half hour after the game had started. Liz was there too. We had pretty standard snacks and drank Corona. After the game was over Liz had to go to work, so me and shot the shit while Kim (wisely) took a nap. Later, I met them and Patty on the boat and we hung out during the hour-long crossing.
After getting food at Dick's and stopping by Margaret's, we finally made it until The Vogue. The tunes were OK, but I was dressed for biking, not clubbing and I was pretty tired. Oani came down and I spent most of the time holding the tables and drinking beer. After closing The Vogue, we walked over to The Mercury and hung out there until close to 4AM.
I got up around 11 today, went out and fixed the speedometer on the GPZ and then decided I wanted to go for a ride. This was the first dry weekend day in ages, so I threw my book in my pack and went down towards Frito's, then up and over Beacon Hill into Georgetown. Then I got up to about 70 on Airport Way heading south, then turned around and raced north. I got into the International District and decided I wanted Dim Sum.
Then I needed a nap. Stu and Rachel were hosting Movie Night, but I couldn't get out of bed for it...and I just got an email from JR saying that the plan next weekend is to go to Noc Noc...whoa.



Via What is the War?

Seven things to do before I die:

1. Ride a Motorcycle cross country.

2. Hang out with Grace Jones.

3. See the Great Pyramids at Giza.

4. Watch George Bush get impeached.

5. Ask Elvis Costello how he managed to make a record I hated even more than "Punch The Clock".

6. Watch the birth of El Stu's firstborn.

7. Rent a sailboat and tour the South Pacific.

Seven things I cannot do:

1. Work up an urge to climb a mountain, sky dive, bungee jump, or hike farther than it takes to find a decent drink.

2. Give a crap about Lindsay Lohan.

3. Forgive Elivis Costello for "Painted From Memory."

4. Bring myself to eat pickled herring.

5. Conceive of living without motorcycles.

6. Go more than a week without teriyaki.

7. Play a complete game of poker without getting bored.

Seven things I say most often:

1. "Right On."

2. "Fair Enough."

3. "Cool."

4. "Interesting."

5. "Heyhowyadooin?"

6. "Great Googly-Moogly."

7. "Ah, Soo desu ne..."

Seven books I love:

1. Cosmos - Carl Sagan

2. A Wild Sheep Chase - Hiruki Murakami

3. Bible Stories for Adults - James Morrow

4. The Lords of Discipline - Pat Conroy

5. My Uncle Oswald - Roald Dahl

6. Neuromancer - William Gibson

7. The Autobiography of Malcolm X - Malcolm X/Alex Haley

Seven Movies I Watch Over and Over:

1. Mallrats

2. The Great Gatsby

3. Dead Man

4. Raising Arizona

5. Mad Max

6. The Wizard of Oz

7. Breakfast At Tiffany's

Seven Songs I Play Over and Over Again:

1. The Fall "Touch Sensitive"

2. Elbow "Fugitive Motel"

3. Bob Marley "Small Axe"

4. American Music Club "Apology for an Accident"

5. Motorhead "Ain't My Crime"

6. The Silvertones "Dub De Pum Pum"

7. Les Baxter and Billy May "Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White" (The second half of the song, when the Mambo kicks in fucking slays me!)

Seven things that attract me to...blogging:

1. A record of sorts.

2. Feedback in the form of comments.

3. It's a cheap hobby.

4. Dumb surveys.

5. It beats keeping a diary.

6. Stu quotes.

7. Riches

Seven people I want to join in too:

1. Gugh!

2. mercyb

3. Alison

4. Mike

5. franarae

6. Adam

7. George


Ame Ga Furai Desu!!

Ame Ga Furai Desu!!

Man, it is freakin' moist out. I got drenched just walking the 5 blocks from the bus stop. Then I had to suit up and ride to band practice. Which was tough 'cause it was so cold my hands were stiff. Then I had to suit up and ride home.
The weather reminds me of '99, which started out a really crappy year anyway. My stepmother died, a close friend was diagnosed with MS and another buddy fell through a roof and busted himself up really bad. I think that was the year Mercy's mother and grandmother passed away too...this all happened in the first three months. But that spring and summer were GLORIOUS!
So hopefully, we'll have a repeat -- just without all the bad stuff!

I had really weird day at work too. I'd done some sizing on a job, "pickups" which are scans that were used previously and some digital files for a supplemental. There were over 300 of them, which meant finding the original file, flattening the layers, converting it to greyscale, sizing it and saving it. I couldn't do an action in Photoshop, 'cause the sizes were all different and they to be renamed. At the same time there were some other scans that were being replaced in part of the original book -- and Johnny was scanning these. So I was handed two gallies. I went through everything, but I was sure with all the file moving and renaming, something was gonna screw up. And it did.
Sometimes we don't catch a mistake for awhile, because there's always more than one job going on. We're frequently told to do something ASAP, only to get halfway through it and then told to put it on hold and work on something else. This system can work if everyone is minding their p & q's, but humans err...and when you're in the middle of a 3-400 image job and the boss wants to know about something you did a week ago, it can get nerve-wracking.
So anyway, the first thing that went wrong is that some files I worked on never got copied up to the server. OK...my bad. Then he comes in and asks me if I double-checked the sizes of the pickups I did against the galley.
Now personally, I'm all for quality control...But it's a little annoying that somehow I'm responsible for making sure the PA did their job. Especially when I have a ton of work to do (boring work at that!) I don't like the idea of having to second-guess what a guy I've never even talked to before is thinking. Nonetheless, I'm mytisfied...the boss is telling me that the stuff they've proofed so far is the wrong size. I can understand that he's annoyed, proofing is time-consuming and expensive (paper and ink)...but out of 300+ pickups, how many could I have screwed up?
I'm getting pissed myself. I'm pretty good at detail work and I've been doing this stuff for almost ten years. I don't bitch about every error I catch from someone else, so why am I not getting any slack?
The boss leaves...I'm bummed.

Ten minutes later he's back. Tells me to sit down 'cause he's got some bad news. Aw crap. He's worried I'm gonna kill him...
Turns out that the PA mis-sized the whole friggin' thing. I was given the wrong percentages! Three days worth of work for nothing...and it'll have to be done again. I'm relieved -- it's not my screw up -- and I get paid regardless of how many times I have to do this...and it turns out I don't, 'cause our job priorities have changed again!


My mother is having surgery tomorrow. As Her Heir and Inheritor of Her Worldly Possesions, I've got to be at the second creepiest place on earth tomorrow (Providence) at 6AM to wait to see how it goes. I'm sure it will go swimmingly (knocks on wood).


The Whole Year Inn.

The Whole Year Inn.

I see I haven't updated in awhile. For most of you, The Holidays brings forth a wave of activity then things sorta of go back into a routine. For me, it results in a slowdown as friends go out of town or busy themselves with getting ready for their celebrations, then a sudden increase in activity as the social calendar heads back towards normal.
I wound up going over to Bremerton to ring in the new year with my friends there. I worked a half day on Monday. Then Fey Ray played a gig on Tuesday at The Crocodile Cafe. Wednesday, Frito had me over for Bangers & Mash, Thursday I spent playing Half-Life 2: Substance and on Friday, Suze had a birthday party at her place. Saturday was spent visiting a friend and on Sunday, I went to the Pike Place Market and then over to Stu's for a showing of the 40 Year Old Virgin.
I've got Spring Fever so bad I can taste it! I'm getting some minor repairs done on my new bike and I'm wondering if I can figure out a way to get it painted before the weather gets good. I've never felt the desire to 'hit the road' so strongly before. Perhaps I've finally readjusted to a daytime schedule and now I'm ready to see what's out there. I plan to spend a lot of time visiting the smaller towns and beautiful byways of this state.
And perhaps because of the new year, I've been strengthening bonds with a lot of old friends. I've had some really good conversations with folks that have made me appreciate just how wonderful my friends are. How lucky I am to have them!
I'm thinking over this blog. What I want to do with it. Knowing how many of my friends and family read the thing has kept me from being as honest as I'd like to be -- and that means b o r i n g. I may start a new one anonymously and keep this one as sort of a general page.
Anyway, I think great things are afoot this year! The rain and The Doldrums will not hold me back!