Ame Ga Furai Desu!!

Ame Ga Furai Desu!!

Man, it is freakin' moist out. I got drenched just walking the 5 blocks from the bus stop. Then I had to suit up and ride to band practice. Which was tough 'cause it was so cold my hands were stiff. Then I had to suit up and ride home.
The weather reminds me of '99, which started out a really crappy year anyway. My stepmother died, a close friend was diagnosed with MS and another buddy fell through a roof and busted himself up really bad. I think that was the year Mercy's mother and grandmother passed away too...this all happened in the first three months. But that spring and summer were GLORIOUS!
So hopefully, we'll have a repeat -- just without all the bad stuff!

I had really weird day at work too. I'd done some sizing on a job, "pickups" which are scans that were used previously and some digital files for a supplemental. There were over 300 of them, which meant finding the original file, flattening the layers, converting it to greyscale, sizing it and saving it. I couldn't do an action in Photoshop, 'cause the sizes were all different and they to be renamed. At the same time there were some other scans that were being replaced in part of the original book -- and Johnny was scanning these. So I was handed two gallies. I went through everything, but I was sure with all the file moving and renaming, something was gonna screw up. And it did.
Sometimes we don't catch a mistake for awhile, because there's always more than one job going on. We're frequently told to do something ASAP, only to get halfway through it and then told to put it on hold and work on something else. This system can work if everyone is minding their p & q's, but humans err...and when you're in the middle of a 3-400 image job and the boss wants to know about something you did a week ago, it can get nerve-wracking.
So anyway, the first thing that went wrong is that some files I worked on never got copied up to the server. OK...my bad. Then he comes in and asks me if I double-checked the sizes of the pickups I did against the galley.
Now personally, I'm all for quality control...But it's a little annoying that somehow I'm responsible for making sure the PA did their job. Especially when I have a ton of work to do (boring work at that!) I don't like the idea of having to second-guess what a guy I've never even talked to before is thinking. Nonetheless, I'm mytisfied...the boss is telling me that the stuff they've proofed so far is the wrong size. I can understand that he's annoyed, proofing is time-consuming and expensive (paper and ink)...but out of 300+ pickups, how many could I have screwed up?
I'm getting pissed myself. I'm pretty good at detail work and I've been doing this stuff for almost ten years. I don't bitch about every error I catch from someone else, so why am I not getting any slack?
The boss leaves...I'm bummed.

Ten minutes later he's back. Tells me to sit down 'cause he's got some bad news. Aw crap. He's worried I'm gonna kill him...
Turns out that the PA mis-sized the whole friggin' thing. I was given the wrong percentages! Three days worth of work for nothing...and it'll have to be done again. I'm relieved -- it's not my screw up -- and I get paid regardless of how many times I have to do this...and it turns out I don't, 'cause our job priorities have changed again!


My mother is having surgery tomorrow. As Her Heir and Inheritor of Her Worldly Possesions, I've got to be at the second creepiest place on earth tomorrow (Providence) at 6AM to wait to see how it goes. I'm sure it will go swimmingly (knocks on wood).

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