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Seven things to do before I die:

1. Ride a Motorcycle cross country.

2. Hang out with Grace Jones.

3. See the Great Pyramids at Giza.

4. Watch George Bush get impeached.

5. Ask Elvis Costello how he managed to make a record I hated even more than "Punch The Clock".

6. Watch the birth of El Stu's firstborn.

7. Rent a sailboat and tour the South Pacific.

Seven things I cannot do:

1. Work up an urge to climb a mountain, sky dive, bungee jump, or hike farther than it takes to find a decent drink.

2. Give a crap about Lindsay Lohan.

3. Forgive Elivis Costello for "Painted From Memory."

4. Bring myself to eat pickled herring.

5. Conceive of living without motorcycles.

6. Go more than a week without teriyaki.

7. Play a complete game of poker without getting bored.

Seven things I say most often:

1. "Right On."

2. "Fair Enough."

3. "Cool."

4. "Interesting."

5. "Heyhowyadooin?"

6. "Great Googly-Moogly."

7. "Ah, Soo desu ne..."

Seven books I love:

1. Cosmos - Carl Sagan

2. A Wild Sheep Chase - Hiruki Murakami

3. Bible Stories for Adults - James Morrow

4. The Lords of Discipline - Pat Conroy

5. My Uncle Oswald - Roald Dahl

6. Neuromancer - William Gibson

7. The Autobiography of Malcolm X - Malcolm X/Alex Haley

Seven Movies I Watch Over and Over:

1. Mallrats

2. The Great Gatsby

3. Dead Man

4. Raising Arizona

5. Mad Max

6. The Wizard of Oz

7. Breakfast At Tiffany's

Seven Songs I Play Over and Over Again:

1. The Fall "Touch Sensitive"

2. Elbow "Fugitive Motel"

3. Bob Marley "Small Axe"

4. American Music Club "Apology for an Accident"

5. Motorhead "Ain't My Crime"

6. The Silvertones "Dub De Pum Pum"

7. Les Baxter and Billy May "Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White" (The second half of the song, when the Mambo kicks in fucking slays me!)

Seven things that attract me to...blogging:

1. A record of sorts.

2. Feedback in the form of comments.

3. It's a cheap hobby.

4. Dumb surveys.

5. It beats keeping a diary.

6. Stu quotes.

7. Riches

Seven people I want to join in too:

1. Gugh!

2. mercyb

3. Alison

4. Mike

5. franarae

6. Adam

7. George

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