The Whole Year Inn.

The Whole Year Inn.

I see I haven't updated in awhile. For most of you, The Holidays brings forth a wave of activity then things sorta of go back into a routine. For me, it results in a slowdown as friends go out of town or busy themselves with getting ready for their celebrations, then a sudden increase in activity as the social calendar heads back towards normal.
I wound up going over to Bremerton to ring in the new year with my friends there. I worked a half day on Monday. Then Fey Ray played a gig on Tuesday at The Crocodile Cafe. Wednesday, Frito had me over for Bangers & Mash, Thursday I spent playing Half-Life 2: Substance and on Friday, Suze had a birthday party at her place. Saturday was spent visiting a friend and on Sunday, I went to the Pike Place Market and then over to Stu's for a showing of the 40 Year Old Virgin.
I've got Spring Fever so bad I can taste it! I'm getting some minor repairs done on my new bike and I'm wondering if I can figure out a way to get it painted before the weather gets good. I've never felt the desire to 'hit the road' so strongly before. Perhaps I've finally readjusted to a daytime schedule and now I'm ready to see what's out there. I plan to spend a lot of time visiting the smaller towns and beautiful byways of this state.
And perhaps because of the new year, I've been strengthening bonds with a lot of old friends. I've had some really good conversations with folks that have made me appreciate just how wonderful my friends are. How lucky I am to have them!
I'm thinking over this blog. What I want to do with it. Knowing how many of my friends and family read the thing has kept me from being as honest as I'd like to be -- and that means b o r i n g. I may start a new one anonymously and keep this one as sort of a general page.
Anyway, I think great things are afoot this year! The rain and The Doldrums will not hold me back!

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fat_girl said...

"why don’t you say what you mean
when you do what you say
what you mean, what you do, must be true...."

I know I haven't updated my blog in a while either (too many things going on) but when I read yours it seems like something is missing. something you bug me about, expressing my true opinions.