You only get only get one chance for living,..

You only get only get one chance for living...

I have been super busy of late, I put in 9 hours of overtime Saturday and there's still a ton of work coming in. I may bitch some, but I could use the money -- Baby needs a new set of tires.
Otherwise, things are pretty good. My mother had a slight setback, a fever that kept her in the hospital longer than expected but she's out now and doing OK.
On Friday, a bunch of us went to see the Emerald City All-Stars at the Columbia City Cabaret. Columbia City was a pretty run-down neighborhood when I lived near there back in the day, but now it's rapidly become Fremont South. We could barely find parking and the bar and club were packed! I know burlesque is becoming chic again, but this was nuts!
Fortunately, I had a hookup through Cindy. Nothing like walking to the head of a line!
The theater is beautiful; I remember when the place was briefly a heavy metal club back in the mid 80's. Cindy tells me there's a recording studio in there too. The show featured Tamera the Trapeze Lady, Fancy Chance, Babette, Indigo Blue and The Swedish Housewife, I think I've seen just about all of them before at various venues around town. Afterward, Jay and I took off to a Thai restaurant downtown for his best friend's clothing line launch. Even though I didn't know anybody, everyone I was introduced to was super-friendly. Elmer was in high sprits, the place was packed and the only reason I didn't stay longer was because I had to work the next day.
And What A Fiasco That Was!!
It was lightly raining when I left home, which was cool -- I had my old motorcycle jacket and jeans on and figured it would be no big deal. I got to parking garage in time to avoid a huge, sudden squall...I mean, it was raining sideways! I got some coffee and a muffin and get to the office only to find I've left my other set of keys at home. Shit! I called both my roommates in hopes of catching them before they leave. If I can't get in the house, I'm totally screwed!
So I go back to the parking garage to get my bike, pay and ride home. It's raining pretty steadily now. I found that Jonathan got message and left the back door open. I grab my keys and go back downtown. My legs and shoes are pretty moist when I got back to the office...fortunately for me, the steam heat was working and I dried out pretty fast.
I worked until 8 or so, then called Scott and Cindy. Matt was over and they were playing poker. Scott wanted to borrow my battery charger for Cindy's bike and I felt like being social, so I went over and hung out.
Today I plan on taking my bike out for a spin before the next system comes in, I need some Pho and I haven't ridden my Drifter in a couple of weeks. And I need to do laundry, before I wind up putting in long hours and blowing it off.
This upcoming weekend is going to be crazy as Superbowl fever engulfs the town. If we win, I'll probably need to take Monday off or at least find another way into town from Bremerton, but if that's the least of my worries -- I'll take it!


mike said...

good to know that io's workload has picked up. when I left I thought they were just going to start laying people off. well...laying more people off.

stacius said...

Oh it's picked up. We're gonna be pretty busy this spring!