Randomage 13:13

Randomage 13:13

It had been a pretty uneventful week, though the middle of it was busy. We got a small job in and we've been moving around some stuff. I guess we're going to be expanding soon. My major accomplishment that day was putting together a desk from Ikea! I had lunch with Stu and one of the fellas at work had brought in some rum, so I had a snort late in the afternoon.
After I got home, Liz, JR and Kim came over to pick me up. We had dinner at LaSpiga and then went out to Greg's house for Doug's birthday party.
We were early, so we geeked out to the expanded version of Dune and made mixed drinks, eating whatever the fellas managed to heat up (I guess the stove didn't work that well?) and occasionally going out to the back porch to smoke menthols and bitch about how cold it was. All in all, a good time.

I woke up at 7AM (after going to bed around 2 or 3) and lay in bed listening to "Eat the State" on KEXP. I promised myself that I wouldn't get up until at least 11, so after awhile I drifted off again. After a while I got up and called Frito. I asked him if he'd eaten and if he was interested in going out to "Geek Heaven" 'cause I needed a new hard drive. He told me that he'd had cake for breakfast, but Cindy was still sleeping, so he was sure she'd be hungry. So I got washed and dressed, then (for reasons that escape me) I decided that it would be a good time to clean the chain on my GPZ, so I got the WD-40 and a rag and started messing with that. It was a clear but chilly day, but it felt good to be in the sun anyway.
I got to Frito's awhile later and Cindy was up and ready to go. We piled into the Mini and decided on Red Robin's for lunch. SouthCenter was a clusterfuck and I was amazed that just about every parking lot was full. We got in and out of Red Robin pretty easily, I got an 100GB Maxtor for $60 and we wandered the store for awhile, looking at laptops, monitors and iPod accessories. Cindy bought us coffee.
I went home and swapped the HD, reinstalled Windows XP and read, coming into my computer room to push appropriate buttons or restart when needed. Frito came over around 9:30 and we headed to the Baltic Room. It was CARNIVAL '06 with the Sun|Tzu Posse - broken beats, BossaBazillian sounds and lots of pretty girls. Tess was supposed to be there, but she didn't make it, which was a bit of a letdown, because I'd been thinking about her all day for some reason and when she called to ask if I was going, I thought maybe all would be made clear. However, LaQuita (AKA The Chocolate Goddess) and some other hotties sat and chatted with us, which kinda made up for it. I also was introduced to Kid Hops (he hosts Expansions (with Riz and MASA) and Positive Vibrations on KEXP and works with Scott), he's a heck of a nice guy.
For some reason (maybe the booze talkin'?) I insisted on going to Jack In Box after we closed the joint, which led to:

I dreamt that I was downtown...I don't know why but in my dreams, downtown Seattle is always a much flatter and broader place. Criss-crossed with trolley tracks. I was downtown making my way somewhere and when I got to my house, this skinny kid was standing outside my house. The sounds of some kind of celebration could be heard and when I asked him what was going on, he grinned at me and said, "Fam'ly, man." In heavy Jamaican accent.
I went into the house and my aunts and mother were along with some old fat Russian guys.
"Come meet your uncle Dimitry!" my mother called.
Dimitry was a character straight out of Central Casting with a slightly gangsterish air about him (and a stained white seersucker suit). He was sweaty and pretty drunk. "Nice to meet you!" He said, crushing my hand. Then he ripped a huge fart and everyone laughed.


I think that was my last sourdough burger for awhile.

Not much. I rode to Fremont to the Sunday Market and wandered around. Had some Thai food and came home and spent the rest of the afternoon reinstalling programs and my bookmarks. Talked to Stu and Mercy and Jessi on the phone. Finished "A Storm of Swords." IM'd with Steve.

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