The Weekend Ends Here.

The Weekend Ends Here.

I couldn't decide what I wanted to do Friday night, but then El Stu called and said that he, Rachel and James were going to On The Boards and then head over to Arthur and Julie's party in Beacon Hill.
I called The Frito and he and Cindy came and picked me up. We stopped in at Barca for a drink, then went over to the party. Stu never showed, bastard. But I did get to see Rob and his lovely wife Annie and the hosts of course. We milled around, drinking keg beer (the house was huge and coolasfuck, btw) and we eventually met a couple of nice ladies from the PDX, who are big geeks. So we talked about Buffy, Angel, Battlestar Galactica and all the other cool stuff on TV.
Tracy met me at the house and we held hands and read the cool parts of 2nd Thesslonians to each other (heh).

On Saturday T and I got up and went to breakfast at the Blue Star, then out to Bent Bike. I bought some gloves and T and I sat on a few bikes. The inventory was pretty beat though. We went up the street to Lynnwood Cycle Barn and she tried on a few more bikes and then decided that the Kawasaki Ninja 500 was the one for her. I suggested that we go to a Suzuki dealership so she could check out a SV650. She liked the bike but found the seating uncomfortable. Turned out that they had used Ninja 500, so she's thinkin' seriously about getting it!
After that we stopped by Trading Musician, where I sold my old Ampeg Portaflex amp.
Tracy went home and I spent the rest of the afternoon washing and polishing Bettie. Then I hopped on her and went down to The Pink Door for JR's birthday and burlesque show. We jammed into the lounge and watched Ruby Slipper, Indigo Blue and the Swedish Housewife do their thing. Tracy and her friends Kim and Meghan came down to join us. A good ol' time was had by all...

Today, T and I went to Dim Sum then I went on a 43 mile ride around town. I took some pics and posted some stuff on Flickr.
This comic (NSFW) cracked my shit up!

That is all.




The Elbow show on Tuesday was simply amazing! Guy Garvey seemed to be recovering from a cold (or perhaps fighting off one) 'cause he had trouble hitting a few notes, but his humor and showmanship (not to mention DAMN fine tunes) carried the day. There was much love from the packed house too.
Elbow and Coldplay are often linked in the music press, but I find that it's a VERY poor comparison. IMHO, the only band that seems to be anywhere close to them for mood/atmospherics and groove is the band Doves, who are actually good friends of theirs. I really liked Coldplay's first album, but they seem to be content writing rather lightweight (but deep-sounding) pop tunes, while Elbow is working on a whole different level. The show was a somewhat different experience than the records, 'cause the gorgeous backing vocals were missing, but even so "Fugitive Motel", "Switching Off" and "Powder Blue" gave me goosebumps.
They played a couple of songs I hadn't heard before, both badass...!
Patty, Angela, Laquita, Rachel, Stu and Tess were all present and we ran into Jason J. after the show.

I had plans to meet Jay down at The ZigZag Cafe on Friday. I decided to widen out the plans and invite more folks, so I sent out some emails. Then I heard from Rachel that El Stu had been (rather uncerimoniously, IMHO) laid off from his job - 13 years of service!

So then it turned into a party! Stu was pretty smashed by the time Jay and I got there.
Tracy came down and met my friends. Scott, Sarah, Renee, Oani, Tess and Shawn were all there.
Afterwards, some of us went up to The Alibi Room and continued drinking. There was a going-away party for a local DJ going on downstairs, so AC and Jason J. were in the house. I saw Plastiq Phantom and Michiko from IQU too!

The next night, Tracy and I went down to The Baltic Room to catch the inaugural of SAFARI, a new SunTzu night. Veteran Techno DJ/Composer John Beltram was in the house. Dan The Man showed up with a bunch of people I hadn't seen in yonks and Tracy and I danced together for the first time!

It is very gratifying to have your friends come up to you and tell you that your girlfriend is really cool...


Elbow Tomorrow!

Elbow Tomorrow!


BTW-I have a girlfriend! She lured me to her house Friday with promises of pizza, sex and strong drink. It became official around 10:24AM Saturday. Her name is Tracy, but since I know about 4 people with that name, I'm gonna refer to her as my Main Squeeze...or MS fer short. Or maybe Squeezy.

Anyway, Maximum RPM was a blast. I went to the show at Jules Mae's with Frito, Liz and JR then down to ride on Saturday. It rained all day and by the time we got to The Nightlight (BTW-it was totally badass riding through downtown in a block-long group of bikes) my ballistic nylon jacket was soaked and I was chilled to the bone.
So after a hot shower and a nap, Squeezy picked me up and we went down to the party at the clubhouse. We were joined by Frito and Cindy and we spent the night drinkin' beer and hanging out. I took a bunch of pictures, I hope to get them up on Flickr soon.




The Cretins Motorcycle Club is throwing a weekend long ride/party/ and all-around shindig with all procceds go to the injured rider fund. It is for a good cause and we hope we can have your support.


April 6-9

Thursday Night April 6
Rock Show benefit for Cretin Buzz who crashed on the ice and was hit by a car back in Dec. Buzz was rushed to Haborview and diagnosed with a broken pelvis, ribs, shoulder, and collarbone. He had to stay in H.B.V. for over a week. The kicker is, he was un-insured. His medical bills for this will be well over $100K.

Featuring : The Spazms, Scattergun, Rain City Shwillers -- Jules Maes Saloon (Jules Maes Saloon is located on the corner of Airport Way South and Nebraska in Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood.)(206) 957-7766 http://www.julesmaessaloon.com/

Friday night April 7
Cretin Club House ( 1600 E. Marginal way south )
Friday Night Poker
Contact maximumrpm@cretins.org or reply to ad to sign up.

SAT. April 8
Meet at Cretin Clubhouse ( 1600 E. Marginal way south )
Saturday Ride In The Country
Ride Starts at Noon
Party Afterwards at clubhouse 5PM


Sunday April 9th
Hangover Breakfast
Meet at 10AM at club house ( 1600 E. Marginal way south )
Follow the BellaDonnas Scooter Club to Brunch