Elbow Tomorrow!

Elbow Tomorrow!


BTW-I have a girlfriend! She lured me to her house Friday with promises of pizza, sex and strong drink. It became official around 10:24AM Saturday. Her name is Tracy, but since I know about 4 people with that name, I'm gonna refer to her as my Main Squeeze...or MS fer short. Or maybe Squeezy.

Anyway, Maximum RPM was a blast. I went to the show at Jules Mae's with Frito, Liz and JR then down to ride on Saturday. It rained all day and by the time we got to The Nightlight (BTW-it was totally badass riding through downtown in a block-long group of bikes) my ballistic nylon jacket was soaked and I was chilled to the bone.
So after a hot shower and a nap, Squeezy picked me up and we went down to the party at the clubhouse. We were joined by Frito and Cindy and we spent the night drinkin' beer and hanging out. I took a bunch of pictures, I hope to get them up on Flickr soon.

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Tracy said...

hmmm...she must be pretty cute to get a babe like you!!!