The Weekend Ends Here.

The Weekend Ends Here.

I couldn't decide what I wanted to do Friday night, but then El Stu called and said that he, Rachel and James were going to On The Boards and then head over to Arthur and Julie's party in Beacon Hill.
I called The Frito and he and Cindy came and picked me up. We stopped in at Barca for a drink, then went over to the party. Stu never showed, bastard. But I did get to see Rob and his lovely wife Annie and the hosts of course. We milled around, drinking keg beer (the house was huge and coolasfuck, btw) and we eventually met a couple of nice ladies from the PDX, who are big geeks. So we talked about Buffy, Angel, Battlestar Galactica and all the other cool stuff on TV.
Tracy met me at the house and we held hands and read the cool parts of 2nd Thesslonians to each other (heh).

On Saturday T and I got up and went to breakfast at the Blue Star, then out to Bent Bike. I bought some gloves and T and I sat on a few bikes. The inventory was pretty beat though. We went up the street to Lynnwood Cycle Barn and she tried on a few more bikes and then decided that the Kawasaki Ninja 500 was the one for her. I suggested that we go to a Suzuki dealership so she could check out a SV650. She liked the bike but found the seating uncomfortable. Turned out that they had used Ninja 500, so she's thinkin' seriously about getting it!
After that we stopped by Trading Musician, where I sold my old Ampeg Portaflex amp.
Tracy went home and I spent the rest of the afternoon washing and polishing Bettie. Then I hopped on her and went down to The Pink Door for JR's birthday and burlesque show. We jammed into the lounge and watched Ruby Slipper, Indigo Blue and the Swedish Housewife do their thing. Tracy and her friends Kim and Meghan came down to join us. A good ol' time was had by all...

Today, T and I went to Dim Sum then I went on a 43 mile ride around town. I took some pics and posted some stuff on Flickr.
This comic (NSFW) cracked my shit up!

That is all.

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