It was a great weekend...I caught one of the DJ's from Jazzanova on Thursday. The Mecha/Mefi meetup Saturday was a lot of fun and probably the best one yet! I came in to work on Sunday and we rearranged the scanning room and blacked out the windows. Now it's nice and dark in there and the light isn't always shifting!

I was looking forward to Beltane with my B-town friends, but my mother called today to tell me my grandmother had passed away. I was kind of expecting this as she was in poor health and my mother told me she wasn't doing so good. But at least her children were there to say goodbye and until my mom and aunt's make arrangements, everything is on hold.
My grandmother would've been 92 years old. She had 10 children - 9 of which are still around. We're pretty much scattered all over the west, so even though the funeral will be a somber occasion, the gathering of the tribe will be nice.

Oh, and props to Steven Colbert for his big, clanging titanium balls!

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fat_girl said...

sorry about your gramma. we should hang. -r