So I went down to the Cretin's clubhouse on Thursday 'cause a) they were meeting there and b) "RhinoViper" from Denver (and the UTMC) was in town and wanted to hang out with some of us Seattle bikers. I got there and was (re) introduced to some of the fellas and had a few beers.
Bob the Junkman, Micah, Chops, Jason and some of the others showed up. There were two monitors, one playing old Isle of Man and Moto GP races and the other was "The Cycle Savages" and "The World's Fastest Indian."
I was in a good mood 'cause I've finally gotten the GPZ (AKA The Road Bike) running again. Turned out that the ground wire had somehow gotten stripped, shorted and broke. I had been digging around looking for loose wires and whaddyaknow? I twisted the two parts back together again and wrapped the whole think in electrical tape. Plopped in the freshly charged battery and she started right up! I've been riding it around ever since.
Anyway, Danelle was really freakin' cool. Her boyfriend is stationed at Ft. Lewis is about to ship out for a 3 year tour in Germany, so she came out from Denver to see him. Being the hardcore SV650-riding babe she is, she put up a post on the UTMC board looking for the "Seattle Contingent" (The UTMC doesn't have chapters, it's the anti-motorcycle club motorcycle club). Smokey and I responded and it was all good.
I dragged my sick ass out of bed on Friday and went to work. On returning home I realized I'd left my keys at the office. Fortunately, Johnny stayed late and Kim said he'd be there another half hour! I bump started the GPZ (the Drifter key was downtown) and got there in time to grab 'em. Then I met Maria, Oani, Jay, Neil and Renee at the Twilight Exit for beers and Nachos.
On Saturday, I rolled down to my sister's house in Tacoma for my middle nephew's graduation. Luke is a good kid and my mom and aunt's all showed up. The ceremony was held at the Tacoma Dome. I ran into a old coworker from my insurance days.
On returning home, I was trying to rally to go to The Baltic Room to catch SunTzu's monthly, but Tess and I talked and we decided to hang out at her house. She and I got caught up then wandered across the street to Laurie and Barcus' place. We sat on the deck and listen to a funk show on KGRG, drinkin' and smokin'. Then Tess went home to sleep and Laurie and I went into the basement and played records until I left around 1AM.
I woke up around 9 on Sunday and went over to Frito's. We watched the first half the Frace v. S. Korea match, then went out to Frye's. I bought some new headphones for my Creative Zen and Frito checked out some parts for his new computer. I got home and realized I was dead. effin. tired. I went to bed around 6, woke up at 9, chatted online until 10 or so, then went back to bed.
All in all...a good weekend.

Tonight I'm going to The Baltic to catch my friend Ryan's DJ set. The legendary Gregory Isaacs is at Chop Suey tomorrow night, but I may have band practice...




I'm tired. I left work on Friday, came home, showered and got dressed for Matt and Kim's wedding reception. Jay came by and picked me up. We rolled out to the beach house at Golden Gardens. It was a lovely evening. Cloudy, but the sun was glorious as it slowly dived towards the horizon.
As usual, the beach was packed and the air was filled with the smell of bbq.
We made our way into the party, just as the waitstaff was collecting all the food...
So Richelle, Jay and I had some cupcakes and shot the shit with Dante, Kim, Kiyo, Matt, Kim, Peter and some other Photodisc people that were there. We talked the waitstaff into hooking us up with some food too!
After the sun went down, we helped pack everything up and headed up to Matt and Kim's brilliant house in North Beach. I had to get back though, 'cause my new band, Blue Star Creeper was playing a gig at The Blue Moon. Jay dropped me off at home, I changed clothes and walked in right as the first band was packing up. I watched most of BSC's set and then joined them for the last three songs.
Porter Harp was on next. He and the lead singer in BSC were in a band together years ago. I worked with Porter at PhotoDisc so I really wanted to catch his set. It was some really cool stuff...like Phish, but not as 'jammy'.

The next day, I was picked up by Liz and Jessi as our friend Rebecca was graduating from the UW. We got into Husky Stadium (my first time!) and cheered as Becca walked in with Bachelor of Science kids. William Ruckelshaus gave the commencement speech and it was a pretty awesome one too! Not what I was expecting from a guy who'd worked for Nixon and Regan. He told the graduates that his generation had left them some "pretty big messes to clean up" and cited a pretty "liberal" sounding list. He was booed a bit when he called the Iraq War unjustified, but he got way more applause. Some of us (myself included) gave him a standing ovation!
After getting out of the clusterfuck of traffic around the U., Liz, Jess and I went to the Twilight Exit for beer and nachos. Then we took the ferry to Bremerton.
We hung out for a bit, then met Rebecca at The End Zone, but the place was dead. Turns out there's a new bar in Pt. Orchard called Mako's Bar and Grill. So off we went!
I won't bother to describe Mako's...I suggest you go yourself. Depending on how you like to have a good time, you could have a lot of fun there....or not. It was worth it, just to watch the mating dance and all the latest club bangers, though they could use a real DJ...y'know - with actual turntables.
I crashed on the couch and the next morning had coffee and cigs with Liz while we sat on the back porch and absorbed the day. I caught the 12:35 boat home.
It was a crackin' day. So after a shower I called Frito and rolled out to his place. He'd just gotten back from surfing. We watched the Netherlands v. Serbia/Montenegro and several episodes of "Arrested Development".

I got to bed around midnight.

BTW- If you click here you can download mp3's of The Visitors, which was me, Matt, Stu and Andy. This stuff was recorded at three different sessions in two different studios between '94 and '97. We didn't know anybody in the scene or how to promote ourselves, but I daresay the performances are actually better than on the Fey Ray album.

There's a earlier verions of "I Wanna Be New and Perfect" that has a killer pick slide, which IMO makes the damn song!

Anyway, I'd love to get y'alls feedback on it. And if you didn't already know, Fey Ray is no more. Matt's getting his Masters and learning Arabic, Seth's doing solo stuff and playing with The Graze and Rosyvelt and Adam has his jazz group and is awaiting his firstborn.

Thanks to all who came out and supported us, bought CD's or gave us encouragement over the last five years. I had a blast!




Wahgh = Two stawberry juice/Japanese vodka drinks, three Maritime Nightwatch, a pint and a half of Frito's homebrew and three cans some malt beverage whose name I can't remember.
There were three crying females, a shitload of records spun, 40+ miles put on the bike. I'm broke, single and exhausted...but strangely calm.

I hope next weekend is chill.