Meatfest 2006!

Meatfest 2006!

It was a raging success!

I got to Robert's house around 7PM Friday night. Jay and Jason had been setting up and doing prep work since 9AM that morning.
The ribs and briskets were already on the grills and the whole backyard smelled like roasting meat.
There was only so much to be done, so Robert, his fiance Kelly, Jason, Jay and I basically sat around drinking, smoking, watching thermometers and cracking each other up!

Anyway, we all went to bed around 2AM. I was on the couch and Jay and Jason were sleeping in hammocks in the back yard. We'd already gotten the 8 slabs of ribs off the grill and were waiting for the brisket to finish. At about 6AM, Jay wakes me up and hands me a tiny sliver of meat. It was HEAVENLY! Perfectly smoked and seasoned with just a bit of fat...*sigh*

We spent the rest of the day setting up and prepping the lamb (soaked in buttermilk and stuffed with whole garlic cloves and rosemary), stuffed ham (fresh basil, feta cheese and garlic) and chicken (rubbed with herbed kosher salt, lemon zest and cooked whole with a can of beer stuffed in it).

Our friends started showing up around 3 and somehow we managed to get everything warmed up (the ribs had to have sauce applied) and finished on time. I personally sliced up half the ribs and most of the brisket...and to make sure my hard work got rewarded I got in line (in front of some jokers already working on seconds!) and got ribs, lamb and brisket, but by that time, the salmon and chicken were long gone...

Poor Jay was so busy socializing and overseeing things, that the only thing he got to eat was the last 5 slices of brisket. By the end of the night, the only thing left out all that meat (easily over 100lbs) and the dozens of side dishes were some kumamoto oysters that his best friend Elmer had brought.

We had something like 85 people show up...and I am beat!!

(Frito's pics are here.)

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