I haven't updated in awhile, partially 'cause I've been busy but also 'cause that pic of Tess causes me to giggle every time I look at it. If you know her, you know it's spot on.
My friend Mel (who doesn't know her) asked if she's that beautiful in person and I responded, 'Yes. And she smells wonderful!"

I'd planned to stay in and get some rest over the long weekend, but it was not to be. I went to a BBQ at Stu's on Saturday, then to Mercedes' birthday party. On Sunday, I saw the new Superman movie with Stu and Rachel. On Monday, I helped my mother move into her new place, that night I went to dinner at Frito and Cindy's, then the three of us caught AC Lewis, Rebecca West, Kid Hops and DJ Riz at the Baltic Room. Then on Tuesday, Stu, Rachel, Maria and I attended Christina and Dan's wedding and then caught both fireworks displays from the roof of Tabitha's condo building.

I'm beat.

Anyway, it's summa and it's the Birthday and BBQ season. Frito, Patty, Liz, J-Justice, Heidi, Jake and Tabitha all had birthdays recently. Neil, Marcus, George & Derek's are coming up. Mercedes had a birthday AND got engaged! I'm really happy for her!

Saturday is Frito and Jake's B-day bash BBQ and Chad's bachelor party. The following week is Jay's MEATFEST 2006.

Then Chad gets married. Then Stu's bachelor party in Las Vegas. Then Peter, Richelle, Renee, Tyrone, Rachel and I will have birthdays during the second weekend in August. Hopefully me little bruddah will be here to visit! Then Stu and Rachel tie the knot...

It's hard to believe that in just a couple of months, we'll be rushing headlong into the cold and dark season again...but the nice thing is that (for the most part) everyone is healthy and doing OK, if not fuckin' excellent...two of my bestest guy friends are making a life change and two other couples I know will be greeting their firstborns soon.

If this is now I'm gonna spend my energy, then bring it on!

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Tracy said...

...and may you too find bliss one day soon...