Fear and Loathing...?!

Fear and Loathing...?!

So, we took El Stu to Las Vegas last weekend. We got to SeaTac a bit later than expected and Stu got pulled aside for a 'closer inspection' when one of his rings set off the metal detector. They told us they were about to shut the door when we finally came steaming in.
Otherwise the flight was uneventful (and nothing went wrong for once!)
We took a limo to the hotel and once we hooked up with James (on a separate flight) we went to get some food in one of the hotel restaurants.
I won't bore you with all the details, but we spent most of the time there wandering around, gambling a bit (James and Frito played poker - I played slots) and we took in a show (La Femme) and went to the obligatory strip club (yawn!).
Vegas looks a bit different than the last time I was there, just a couple of weeks shy of ten years ago. Just like a lot of things, it's bigger and cleaner...
The week before the trip, I'd been reading a lot about the state of everything. The War(s), Peak Oil, Environmental degradation and the possible end of Civillization As We Know It and then I found myself in the place that pretty much defines "Bling," wondering just how much money I'd need to have the ultimate 'Vegas Experience'...what it'd be like to be the Great Black Whale.
Nonetheless, too much food, a cigar, the booze, the feeling of displacement and the August desert heat made me feel sluggish and dull. I'd somehow hurt my back and it hurt to breathe. And it all seemed so absurd: Here we were taking our good friend out to celebrate his marriage to one of the most beautiful, kind and sweet women I know by going to look at naked women...(don't get me wrong, I generally approve of looking at naked women...I guess it was the context...or is that the pretext?) I think managed to have a good time, but I felt mildly out-of-sorts since then. I suppose I just need more sleep!

So there you have it.

As for this weekend, I turn 39 on Sunday. We're meeting for drinks at Barca on Saturday night!
I might also be out with my wingman, Jay and the Westsiiide Posse Friday night.

BTW-Matt Blake. a friend of mine, fell off a balcony in a tequila-related incident, landing on his head! (fuck!) Anyway, he's in Harborview, heavily sedated while they try to assess the brain damage. Matt and his fiance Margaret were supposed to get married soon. So if you can take a few seconds out to send some positive vibes or a prayer their way, it would be much appreciated.



Tracy said...

Oh gawd Stacey, that pic!!! Well, it did make me laugh! ;)

fat_girl said...

Happy birthday!