In the Can

In The Can.

Another year older.

It was a good weekend. There were several birthdays this weekend. Renee, Tyrone, Rachel, Laurie, Richelle, Peter and I all got a year older over the last few days. On Friday I went out with Frito, Carey, Doug, Greg and Ryan to The Mercury, a local private goth/industrial club. We shot the shit and drank astonishingly cheap booze and watched the Death Babies dance. Good times.

Saturday was my more or less 'official' birthday party. A bunch of the gang met up at Barca and everyone proceeded to buy me drinks...and I drank 'em. I got a bag o' goodies from Rachel, a Johnny Hartman disc from El Stu and a copy of Fear and Loathing in America from Tess.

On Sunday, Tracy took me to Salty's on Alki (quite possibly the best brunch in the state) and we stuffed ourselves. She also hooked me up with a really nice stained glass piece she made herself, and a George Clinton disc and a denim shirt, too!

So To all my peeps who hooked me up or send along good wishes for my birthday:

Carey, Monique, Patty, Doug, Ryan, Greg, Marcia, Scott, Cindy, Richelle, Rachel, Tracy, Tess, my swim buddy Jay, Matt, Sky (thanks for the 'fruity drink' phoar!), Jerel, Melanie, Aaron, Dorinda, Tina, Laurie B. & The Metachat posse...THANK YOU!!

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