No...not me...!
I haven't posted in awhile as the last couple of weeks were pretty busy. I guess the biggest news is that El Stu and Rachel are now husband and wife and that the wedding went swimmingly! Tyrone broke down during the ceremony and set just about everyone off...'cept me, Don and Neil 'cause we're Stone Cold P i m p s...
I took some pics with my camera phone and posted them on my Flickr page. And here are Frito's and James'. I'm hoping the 'official photos' will appear soon!
And that night I ran into Tabitha, who informed me that she got hitched the day before, although the official wedding is in Italy early next month.
Geez, what's wrong with all these people?!
Actually, I'm quite happy for my friends. They fit together well and I expect them to carry on into their dotage together.

So, now what? Well, my friend Melanie will be visiting from Colorado. She gets here on Friday. We're planning to hit Bumbershoot (Sunday looks like the best day to me) and I'm hoping I can show her a good time.

It's hard to believe the summer is almost over...and it was a good one! I wonder what next year will bring?

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